If you hate water levels, this Kirby 64 error for Nintendo Switch Online will end up making you bitter


The status of the latest N64 game to be added to the subscription service’s catalog is pissing gamers off.

Last week we received the news of the arrival of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog. Kirby’s Adventure is part of the Nintendo subscription service expansion packwhich includes Nintendo 64 games, and although fans of the lovable character were happy with the news, the joy was short-lived.

Kirby 64, like many other platformers of the era, features those little bits of playable hell, known as water levels. These phases have become a recurring joke for being, for many players, tedious and frustrating. However, the case of Kirby 64 on Nintendo Switch Online has a peculiarity that can turn it into a nightmare: a bug that blocks Kirby.

A bug can lock Kirby from taking damage underwaterAs shared by VGC, users are reporting an error that occurs in underwater levels, leaving Kirby in a stunned state when taking damage. As users are pointing out, the bug occurs frequently enough that it’s unlikely this was already present on the Nintendo 64 hardware, however, we’ll still have to wait for Nintendo’s response and hopefully, a patch that finish him off.

For now, the only way to escape the error will be to exit the level and restart it. The arrival of Nintendo 64 titles in the Nintendo Switch Online expansion hasn’t escaped controversy since its launch, though Kyoto has since been fixing some of the more glaring issues with various updates.

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