If you want a remake of the original God of War, this fan reimagining shows an epicness worthy of the saga


TeaserPlay is back at it again with his vision of what the project would be like if it were carried out with Unreal Engine 5.

Lately we are seeing how part of the strategy of Sony is focused on launching remakes of some of its best-known games, which causes many players to speculate about possible renewed versions of titles from the most classic consoles of PlayStation.

Has used Unreal Engine 5 and ray tracingUndoubtedly, one of them is God of War, the original PS2 title that started the saga starring Kratos and marked subsequent installments. As you can see in the video that heads the news, from TeaserPlay they did not want to miss the opportunity to imagine what a remake of the game would look like from Sony Santa Monica to be released today.

This trailer of a version that does not exist or is playable in any case maintains the epic character of the Greek saga and shows us the Ghost of Sparta advancing on his journey towards the gods of Olympus, although it has not produced any type of combat. The reimagining has been done using Unreal Engine 5with different functions such as Lumen, Nanite, ray tracing or MetaHuman.

God of War

This is not the first time that TeaserPlay has surprised us with its video projects. Without going any further, we have recently witnessed his vision of a hypothetical remake of Dino Crisis, although he also gives free rein to his desires by moving away from the revamped ones and offering us how he imagines, for example, the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed set in Japan.

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