If you want to be a CS:GO pro, don’t miss the new FlipiN and 3DJuegos book, with tips, tricks and more


Lunwerg Games is the first collection of gaming books created by different content creators.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Once again, from 3DJuegos we bring you a new opportunity for you to discover all the secrets of your favorite video game. If you like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we present you the new book Become a CS:GO pro player with FlipiNwhich will help you apply the best tips from Valve’s hit multiplayer shooter.

This is a new publication of 3DJuegos with Lunwerg Games, the collection of gaming books created by different youtubers and streamers. In this case it’s FlipiN, one of the best Spanish Counter-Strike players with more than 20 years of experience, who will help you learn the strategies and tactics of professionals.

It helps you control the maps or manage the economy of the roundsThe book will help you in aspects such as knowing how to control the maps better, managing the economy of the rounds, investigating the utilities and many more secrets, such as recommendations before playing and things that you should not do under any circumstances. Also, the book brings a series of gameplays included through QR codes so that it is very clear to you how to apply the advice.

Antonio Rivas del Rey, known as FlipiN, is one of the best Counter-Strike players in Spain. At the age of fourteen he played his first national final of CS:GO, and with fifteen he participated in his first European championship in Oslo. Since then he has not stopped traveling, always thanks to the competition.

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Imagen de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

FlipiN has represented Spain on three different continents and in 2006 managed to win the Euro Cyber ​​Games (European Championship). Today he is a content creator on YouTube and Twitch and makes a living teaching youngsters his experiences with CS:GO.

Buy Become a CS:GO Pro Player with FlipiN on Amazon

The book Become a CS:GO pro player with FlipiN by 3DJuegos and Lunwerg Games is now available available to buy in the different digital stores and bookstores of our country, so do not hesitate to take a look if you are interested in improving in one of the most recognized competitive shooters of recent times. In addition, you have other books available in the collection such as Reach the maximum level of FIFA with Kolderiu or The world of roleplay with Perxitaa.

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