If you’re worried about Chris Pratt as Super Mario, the actor has spoken about his voice in the film.


The animated film of the Nintendo character is scheduled to be released in theaters in spring 2023.

Super Mario Bros. [Película, 2023]

Next year we will attend the premiere of the Super Mario animated film that he is preparing Nintendo alongside Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, with a star-studded cast from Hollywood led by Chris Pratt as the Italian plumber, Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach, and Jack Black as Bowser.

Recently, Pratt has commented with Variety some details about what we can expect from his interpretation giving voice to Mario, something that has worried fans from the beginning. “I’m giving an animated character a voice, and it will sound up-to-date and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before in Mario’s world,” he says.

It will be unlike anything you’ve ever heardChris Pratt“It’s an animated voiceover, not a live-action movie. I’m not going to put on a plumber’s costume and start running around,” explains Pratt. “I have worked very closely with the directors, I have tried various things and I have achieved something that I am very proud of. I really want people to see the movie and listen to me.”

Image from Super Mario Bros. [Película, 2023]

We must make it clear that Charles Martinet does not want to stop being the voice of Mario, so for now we will only listen to Chris Pratt when the film is released in theaters around the world. in spring 2023. The original date placed the film in 2022, but it was finally pushed back to the next year.

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