Ignited live cross between Casillas and Piqué in the midst of the arbitration scandal involving Barcelona

Harsh cross between Piqué and Casillas about the supposed arbitration benefits that Barcelona would have received

In the last few hours, a scandal shook Spanish football over the alleged payments from Barcelona to the referees so that they can favor them. This would have happened for 17 years between 2001 and 2018 and the president of La Liga, Javier Tebaswarned that if it becomes necessary, the matter will be reported to FIFA and UEFA. To this panorama was added a spicy round trip between two former soccer players and Iberian emblems, Gerard Piqué (Barcelona) and Iker Casillas (Real Madrid).

The hot dialogue was in a streaming transmission of the Kings League, the soccer contest organized by the company of the former Barça defender and in which one of the teams belongs to the former goalkeeper of the Merengue team. Both know each other well and trust each other since they were also teammates in the Spanish team that was world champion in South Africa 2010 and Euro 2012.

With complicity and mischief for the Chicanas between the two, a heated debate ensued. Casillas was the one who put the issue on the table and fired: “I have heard something from some referees or something like that. I ask from ignorance. Anything about the referees and Barcelona? It misses me.”

For his part, Piqué replied: “There is a lot of noise, but it’s nothing.” While he argued the advice of Javier Enriquez, who was seen arriving with the referees at the Camp Nou: “What’s up? Advisory services. Is it something illegal? If we start to pull the rug with the Champions League and UEFA, Madrid will come out everywhere”.

Javier Tebas on the arbitration scandal: “If Laporta does not explain well why he was paid, I think he should resign”

“Barça and Madrid have always benefited the most and we have always said this,” acknowledged Piqué. “Wait a second. For a team to go two years without receiving a penalty or a red card, is incredible in football, ‘machine’. What’s happening? They don’t come to our area with that tiki taka. Because we arrived, eh”, sentenced Casillas.

To redouble the bet, Piqué recalled that “against Atlético a League was lost at the Camp Nou during that period due to a badly disallowed goal”. And he added: “From Madrid they redirect everything and that is what they are doing. If the news were to go the other way, in 12 hours nobody knows anything and it disappears”.

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There were also darts between the two about historic plays in which their teams benefited. By case Casillas affirmed that there was no foul prior to the free kick of Ronald Koeman who gave him his first Champions League in 1992. Piqué himself, who assured that Predrag Mijatović he was ahead when he converted the goal that gave the crown to the Real Madrid in the same tournament in 1998.

Joan Laporta responded to Javier Tebas (AP Photo/Joan Monfort, File)
Joan Laporta responded to Javier Tebas (AP Photo/Joan Monfort, File)

The program what are you playing from chain BE de Barcelona denounced that Barcelona paid close to 7 million dollars to the then vice president of the entity that brings together Spanish referees, the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA), José Maria Enriquez Negreirasupposedly (according to some former leaders now maintain), to report aspects related to the judge who had to lead the Barça team and, others, regulations. In an interview with Infobae, Siqué Rodríguez, the journalist who denounced this issue, told all the details.

Also his son Javier Enriquezcharged from Barcelona for alleged advice, but through another company, “Soccer Cam” and this Monday the program The beach bar He recalled an image in which he is seen entering the Camp Nou in 2015 and talking with the fourth referee, Fernando Roman Roman. The capture was published on the social networks of the program.

The bomb exploded in Spanish football and Tebas himself sentenced that if Laporta “It does not explain well why it was paid, I think so (I should resign)”. He Spanish from Barcelona He also expressed his concern in a statement and this case recalls what happened with the match fixing of the Juventus that in 2006 he lost the category due to the recordings that confirmed those facts.

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Finally, the current president of Barcelona, John LaportaHe responded to the president of La Liga and assured: “Thebes always appears on a recurring basis to destabilize us. I will not give him the pleasure: FC Barcelona is one of his members. Whoever decides to stain the club’s history will have a forceful response. We will not allow them to stain our history.”.

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