Ikai’s Japanese terror is coming: this game developed in Spain already has a release date


The game invites us to put ourselves in the shoes of a priestess who must fight against spirits from her past and her future.

Ikai's Japanese terror is coming: this game developed in Spain already has a release date

If you closely follow the development of video games in Spain and you like the genre of psychological horror, you may have heard of Ikai. A delivery that takes us to the Japanese feudal era to show us some of the darkest tales of the country. After being nominated for best game of the year in the edition of PlayStation Talents 2020, and after winning the award in the category of Best Narrative, the title faces its final stretch setting its release date.

Ikai will paralyze us with fear next March 29Ikai makes a multi-jump to PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on the day March 29, so it won’t make us wait long to enjoy (or suffer) its macabre scenes. If you are interested in this premise, know that Endflame, the development studio located in Barcelona, ​​has published a demo on Steam that allows you to know the general bases of the installment before its premiere.

In Ikai we are a priestess who, in the Japanese feudal era, has to investigate the rumors surrounding the presence of demons and yokai in the zone. Though skeptical of such gossip at first, she soon finds that ghosts and spirits are more real than ever in her sanctuary, and she must put an end to that nightmare through scenes of psychological terror in first person.

The indie scene in Spain has not stopped growing, something that we see year after year in the editions of PlayStation Talents. In 2021, Dark Life Excalibur managed to win the GOTY during the awards ceremony, but if you are more interested in adventures of fear and tension, keep in mind that there are really creepy jewelry among the nominees of the last edition.

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