“I’m still afraid of my dad”: Bernard Tomic surprised the world after recounting his ordeal in the middle of the Australian Open

Bernard Tomic confessed that he is afraid of his father after his scandal related to COVID-19 at the Australian Open (Photo: Gettyimages)
Bernard Tomic confessed that he is afraid of his father after his scandal related to COVID-19 at the Australian Open (Photo: Gettyimages)

After starring in a great controversy in a match of the qualy of Australian Open, where he reported that he warned that he had coronavirus and complained about the lack of PCR tests, the tennis player Bernard Tomic has confessed that he has lived his whole life with scared of his dad. The player of 29 years revealed that he is still haunted by his relationship with his father, John Tomic, who was also his coach until a few months ago.

“I’m still scared of my dad. I wouldn’t want to raise my son like I was raised ”, confessed Tomic in an interview with him Sydney Morning Herald Y The Age in which he addresses several of the traumas caused by the bond with his father, who has prepared him to be a professional.

Even the tennis player still tries to empathize with the pressure that his father exerted on him to lead him to be a recognized figure on the circuit. “It has done many things to me. I mean the guy is crazy for sure. But he made me who I am today. It was 100% discipline. In a way, I wouldn’t raise anyone like that. But i didn’t know any better. Parents can be a bit … you know? He is a good man and has a good heart, spent a lot of time and effort to make me who I am”, He deepened.

Tomic is currently in the eye of the storm for his controversial elimination from qualifying for the Australian Open earlier this week. His claims that he had COVID-19 in his match against the Russian Roman Safiullin have been vindicated after giving positive in a PCR test this Thursday. This could force the tournament organizers to evaluate all players who came into contact with him during his stay at Melbourne Park, including his rival.

Bernard Tomic confessed in the middle of the game that he had symptoms of COVID-19

Since I was a child, Bernard Tomic He showed a natural talent and was one of the most recognized teenage tennis players in the world. “I can assure you that between the ages of 20 and 27, my son will win between 10 and 15 Grand Slam titles”said his father John in 2007, when he only had 15 years. The truth is that never in his career could he overcome the quarterfinals in this type of tournament.

That pressure to live up to the expectations and lofty ambition of his father, who pulled him out of school at 13 years to pass 10 hours a day on the track, they made Bernard Tomic had to deal with various problems during his life. He was just a child of 14 years when he signed the contract Nike most lucrative of any athlete of his age. “Younger than Michael Jordan”jokes the player, who 16 became the youngest player since Boris Becker to reach the quarter-finals at Wimbledon.

“My dad’s expectations of me as a player were always too high. Being number 1, winning between 10 and 20 Grand Slam titles… my father put a lot of pressure on me. Is not easy. People don’t see this constant world of pressure, pressure and pressure. Sometimes he didn’t want to play tennis. It was not something I enjoyed 100%. But I was beating everyone and with winning comes a lot of good feelings with emotions like a little boy ”, he commented.

Bernard Tomic had to deal with pressure from his father, John Tomic, from a very young age (Gettyimages)
Bernard Tomic had to deal with pressure from his father, John Tomic, from a very young age (Gettyimages)

His performance began to be lower and the public in his country ended up turning their back on him from comments he made in 2018 when, after not qualifying for the Australian Open, flaunted his fortune. “I only count money, that’s all I do. I count my millions “, Shooting Tomic before the press. But now, from a distance, he has reflected on it.

“That was always my goal: I envisioned having a Ferrari and things like that. But that kind of thing doesn’t make you happy in life when you get to a certain point. It doesn’t satisfy you at the end of the day. Yes, you have money, houses and cars, but no … it’s good for a second, but these things are not there. As a person, deep down you are always looking for something that drives you and makes you happy. I have matured now. I am not the same person that I was. I think people learn a lot as they get older”, He commented.

Bernard Tomic aims to close his career in the best possible way (Photo: Gettyimages)
Bernard Tomic aims to close his career in the best possible way (Photo: Gettyimages)

At the close of your interview with him Sydney Morning Herald Y The Age, Bernard Tomic He stressed that he would have liked to receive more help to face his career in a different way and called on everyone to reflect on how personal problems can affect athletes a lot.

Nobody came up and said, ‘Bernard, are you okay? Can we help you, is there something bothering you? IM human. I have emotions. I don’t have a switch that you can turn on and off like a robot. I’m disappointed in people because there are things there that they don’t see in the background. They don’t see or understand all these obstacles that come your way in life, and you have to handle them on a tennis court.. I’ve come to realize that I need to get out of it and get back into the sport, finish it the right way, and retire happy. Blameless. A window opens in the next five or six years before I retire and I will. I want to do this for myself. Not for you, not for my father, not for anyone. I’ve hit bottom, it’s all up from now on, “he said.


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