IMA doctors said – salary is not getting, does the government want to make us a Naxalite?

new Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) sought to initiate proceedings against the administration of the Hindu Rao Hospital operated by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi for contempt of the Delhi High Court order. The organization questioned that “Should doctors become Naxalites to claim their own payments?” The doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital are on indefinite hunger strike demanding payment of their salaries. Also Read – Severe pain in the abdomen of the woman, doctors are shocked to see, 24 kg tumor shows

The Indian Medical Association called Tanja Kasa and doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital for failing to get salary on this condition, calling it ‘Banana Republic’. The association said, “The case of non-payment of salaries of doctors in Hindu Rao Hospital is a case of systemic failure. Doctors serving the nation during the Corona epidemic are entitled to appropriate praise and encouragement. This defies this logical aspect when they have to resort to roadside movement only to get their legitimate salary. ” Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput- Sushant Singh’s trainer sensational disclosure in sting operation, ‘Doctor who was giving medicines …

Meanwhile, IMA chief Dr. Rajan Sharma while talking asked whether doctors should become Naxalites to claim their own payments? He said, “It is a shame that at a time when the epidemic is spreading, doctors are forced to sneak into the streets and are holding placards at places like Jantar Mantar and Connaught Place to highlight their plight.” Sharma said that instead of approaching the final solution, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the Delhi government are politicizing the matter. Also Read – Corona: IMA chairman said – Community transmission started in India, the situation in villages is bad

Rajan Sharma said, “The MCD claims that the Delhi government has blocked their funds, while the Delhi government claims that the Center is not releasing state taxes.” Sharma said that they are postponing the case, but where will it stop? He said that someone has to take responsibility for it. The hospital comes under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (North MCD). Resident doctors of the hospital have been demanding to release their salary for more than two weeks. Five of the resident doctors have been on indefinite hunger strike since Friday evening.

Sharma said that the officials have to rise above politics and handle the situation. He said that Delhi government should take possession of health care from municipal corporations. He said, “Health is always the subject of a state, but here it is under the purview of the municipal corporations. When it is clear that they (MCD) are unable to manage it, it should be handed over to the government. ”

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