In 2022 it is possible to buy an official copy of WinRAR on CD, and this is one of the (probably few) people who has done it


Who even has a CD drive on their computer right now? On the web it has always been a joke among certain groups, the dubious existence of real people who have ever paid for WinRAR, but this man not only bought WinRAR, but also ordered a copy on CD in the middle of 2021, because apparently it is a service that the company still offers. Yes, today, in the middle of 2022.

The tool to compress and decompress files in Windows is perhaps the most famous of its kind and although it is not technically free, it has always been possible to use without having to pay. You simply download it from the official website, install it and when the trial period ends, you just have to ignore the message to pay for the license. It is an annoyance, but for many users it is insignificant.

“I bought WinRAR on CD for the laughs”

The video is courtesy of LGR Blerbs, a channel about a bit of everything, but full of videos about some technological relics of the past. And, although WinRAR is technically not a technological relic of the past and still has millions of users on Windows, buying software on CDs is definitely something you don’t see much of anymore..

The combination of these two things: buy WinRAR and bonus, in physical version, is curious enough (and a bit ridiculous) that someone decided to do it not out of real need, but to make a video for laughs.


It is also curious that the CD they send is as basic as possible, it does not have a box, it comes in an envelope with a black and white label, and contains multiple versions of WinRAR (32 and 64 bits) in several languages. In fact, the files take up more than 300MB of the entire CD.

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Inside comes a license file, and an “Autorun.exe” file to start the installation. LGR Blerbs went one step further and used the drive on a Windows 95 and Windows XP computer, and everything worked perfectly, so it’s age-proof.

At least they don’t ship a box with a label and serial number like many “physical versions” of video games and other software. If for any reason you are interested in ordering this CD or you want to burn money, you can do it from the Rarlab website by 48.33 euros with shipping and taxes.

An earlier version of this article was published in 2021.


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