In A Moving Message, Jimmy Buffett’s Wife, Jane Slagsvol, Breaks Her Silence About His Death


In A Moving Message, Jimmy Buffett’s Wife, Jane Slagsvol, Breaks Her Silence About His Death:

“A few months ago, Jimmy said, ‘Growing old isn’t for sissies.'” Jimmy and I have had some of the hardest times ever in the last few years, and we’re not weaklings. We both knew as well as felt that the individuals in our lives gave us strength during hard times.

We were surrounded through love everywhere we went, from stadiums to events to hospitals. “There are so many people I would like to acknowledge for how kind they were to us,” the message said.

Jane Slagsvol, the spouse of late singer Jimmy Buffett, thanked his fans, caretakers, friends, and others in a moving message that was shared on Buffett’s Instagram and website on Saturday. Buffett died on September 1, and Slagsvol wrote the message after the singer’s death.

Over The Years, Jimmy’s Friends Have Grown Into A Big, Loud Family:

“Since the beginning and over the years, Jimmy’s friends have grown into a big, loud family. Thank you for making this the most happy group in the world.

Jimmy’s smile at you to the stage was brought on by your spirit. I think that’s why he loved to act so much. He was so thankful for the group of people you made for him.

Your kindness and help give myself and my family hope and comfort. Along with the message, there was a set of photos from Jane as well as Jimmy’s wedding day within 1977.

Jane thanked her friends and then sent an additional note to the doctors and nurses who helped her husband while he was fighting cancer. “Jimmy loved someone. He was happy in every part of his body. He always smiled, regardless of whether he was very sick.

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Slagsvol Thanked Buffett’s Fans In Particular For Making The Happiest Group In The World:

And he never lost his sense of fun. “Jimmy was always upbeat, always had a smile on his face, and always made us laugh,” she wrote. Slagsvol thanked Buffett’s fans for “creating the world’s most joyful community.”

“Your kindness was amazing in the best way for the teams of doctors, nurses, hospice workers, as well as guardians. Jimmy paid attention to everything you stated as well as did what you said.

Even when he had lost all hope, you gave him hope. Thank you for being determined to find the best ways to help him at every stage of his sickness.

You had been honest, brave, as well as caring, and you treated us with so much respect. I couldn’t have reached out for a better group of experts,” she continued. The message went on to say, “Thank you to everyone who works alongside and for Jimmy as well as me.

Even Though He Was In Pain Every Day, He Smiled:

We know we’ve surrounded ourselves alongside the best, most honest, and most giving people, and we also know how lucky we’ve been all these years. You make our lives great every day in a million ways, big and small. In the last few years, this has been especially true.

I hope that you know that we care regarding you and appreciate all that you do. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know I can count on your loyalty, truthfulness, and respect. You have given us what we owe you.”

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On a more intimate level, Jane penned a message to those close to her who were there for her as well as the family after the “Margaritaville” singer died. ” Even though he was in pain every day, he smiled. He was kind even though he could have been mean.

He told us not to feel sad or afraid, but keep the party going. As Well As as much as I’d love to use that as a reason to drink myself to sleep like his literary heroes, I know that’s not what he meant,” she said.

He Loved Sitting At The Top Of The Table And Watching The People He Cared About:

“The joy he sang regarding was my dad. He worked harder than anyone else I’ve ever seen. He was a great guy as well as an even better father to my siblings, sister, and me.

He was kind to both his friends and people he didn’t know. He had a lot of respect for those who he worked with, as well as never took himself seriously enough, which is certainly what I liked the best about him,” Delaney, who is 31 years old, said in part.

“To my great friends, you have changed what friendship means and how deep it goes. Jimmy and I have always been blown away by your love and care, but especially in the last few years.

“Jimmy got happier as he told you stories during long dinners while the cicadas sang,” she penned. “He loved being at the top of the table, where he could look at the people he cared about.

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Bubbles Up Was One Of The Final Songs Jimmy Made:

You made a small area of love around us that felt like the sun. It gave us hope, and even when circumstances were bad, it felt like a party. It helps me feel better now. Without your support, we would have gone down for sure. I hope that all of you friends are polite, kind, and giving.”

“One of the last tracks Jimmy recorded was called “Bubbles Up. He says, “Just understand that you are adored; there’s light up above, and there is always enough joy.”

“Bursts out.” Jimmy felt he was cared about. He kept looking for the light until the end. Thank you for making him and me happy. I love you, Jane.”

Jimmy died on September 1 at age 76 from a skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma. A word about the news was posted upon his official website. The “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” singer’s daughter, Delaney, wrote a message about her father on social media a week after he died.

In The End, She Said, You Made Something From Nothing And Gave Me Everything:

She went upon to express how much Buffett thanked the hospital staff who took good care of him before he died and how much he valued the love and support of his family and friends.

“And at last, to my father, thank you,” she said. “You gave me everything and made something out of nothing. I’ll never be ready to thank you or my mom enough for giving me such a wonderful life. I’ll always love you, and I’ll keep the party rolling.”