In A Speech At A Fancy Engagement Party, A Millionaire Says That His Fiancée Is A Cheater


In A Speech At A Fancy Engagement Party, A Millionaire Says That His Fiancée Is A Cheater:

A speech a rich banker gave at his engagement party within northern Italy has gone viral.

When Massimo Segre, 64, took the mic at the fancy party within Turin earlier this month, his 150 high-society guests probably thought he was going to give a speech about his 47-year-old fiancée Cristina Seymandi, how much he loved her.

Instead, they got a rant full of sexual and emotional cheating accusations, and Segre said he disliked being called a “cuckold.”

“I Would Like To Give Cristina The Freedom To Love,” Massimo Segre Said:

“I want Cristina to be able to love who she wants. In particular, to love someone else a famous lawyer, who she clearly cares regarding more than me,” he said, according to the NYP version. “Dear Cristina, I understand how much you have fallen love with him, both mentally and sexually.”

Massimo Segre, 64, criticized his bride-to-be Cristina Seymandi, 47, within front of 150 high-society guests at their engagement party in Turin earlier this month. He said he wouldn’t be a “cuckold” while she allegedly had an affair behind his back.

“I want Cristina to be able to love who she wants. “Specifically, to love a different person a famous lawyer, who she clearly cares regarding more than me,” Segre said in the mic-drop moment, which was taped by one well-off guest.

Massimo Segre Said That Seymandi Had Cheated On Him Many Times:

“Dear Cristina, I know how much you are deeply in love with him, both mentally and sexually.” “I am aware that before him you were with a businessman I know,” the banker said, saying that Seymandi had been a serial thief. “Don’t think that making fun of me right in front of all of you makes me happy.”

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“Cristina was so good at telling the truth that I couldn’t leave her alone to explain why I’m ending our life together tonight,” he said. “It’s a boring story about cheating, even before getting married. I’m so upset; it breaks my heart.”

Seymandi was standing right next to Segre as he read his critical speech from a piece of paper. As her claimed affair was brought to light, she tried to maintain a straight face in view of the guests.

Seymandi Wants To Sue Segre For “Reputational Damage”:

She has since fought back, called her lawyers and saying she might sue Segre for “reputational damage” as well as “very serious attacks upon social media.”

Since the embarrassing engagement speech went popular in Italy, Seymandi has given a number of interviews to local news outlets. Claudio Strata, Seymandi’s lawyer, said that her ex-partner had “on purpose embarrassed” her.

“The letter was spoken out loud in front of many people, and a video of it was distributed to the newspapers. We don’t think it was made up on the spot.” Segre has said that he did not publish the video or let it be made within the first place.

Cristina Sent A Letter To The Zona Bianca News Program Saying That Segre’s Speech Was An Act Of “Psychological Violence”:

A source says that Cristina wrote a letter to the head of the Zona Bianca TV news show. In it, she called Segre’s speech an act of “psychological violence” as well as said that it was clear that he had “carefully planned his revenge.”

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In a different interview, she said that she thought it was possible that her ex-partner had been “manipulated.” But the bad feelings did not end there. Segre also told the Post that his ex-girlfriend took $760,000 out of a few of his bank accounts after the failed engagement party.

But Seymandi Has Said That The Claim Is Completely False:

But Seymandi has strongly rejected the claim, saying that the money was “voluntarily moved” when they remained a pair, engaged, in love. Seymandi is a famous businessman who has also worked in politics in the past.

People say that the couple used to work together in business. Segre as well as Seymandi have been engaged for a few years, and their wedding was set for October.