In A Sweet Birthday Message, Jamie Foxx Says That His Sister Deidra Saved His Life


In A Sweet Birthday Message, Jamie Foxx Says That His Sister Deidra Saved His Life:

Foxx, who was hospitalized in April for an unnamed “medical complication,” wrote a birthday wish to his sister Deidra Dixon on Instagram on Tuesday.

“You are magical, you are beautiful, and you are the courageous lionesses of #leoseason,” Foxx wrote within the description of a number of photos of her, including one of the two of them.

“And I wouldn’t be here without you. If you hadn’t made the choices you did, I would have died. I will always and always love you. Sister, happy birthday”

Jamie Foxx Is Working Within New Movie For Netflix:

Back in Action, the Netflix movie that Jamie Foxx was making, was being shot in Atlanta. After Cameron Diaz took a break from acting, he asked her to work with him again.

“When the opportunity came up and Jamie Foxx, who she has known for years and worked with, asked her to do it, she said yes,” a person said.

In June 2022, he told people about the plan. Foxx contacted Tom Brad on the phone to ask for advice on how to obtain back into the game after a break.

“I’m pretty good at coming out of retirement,” Brady jokes. Diaz replied, “Jamie Foxx, you’re the only one who was able to get me back on my feet. I can’t wait to death it’s going to be so much fun.”

He Was Receiving Physical Therapy At Medical Center:

Foxx has been seen walking around within Chicago this summer. He has been getting physical therapy at a medical center there. He just put up a video upon Instagram answering people’s questions about why he was in the hospital.

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“I know that a lot of people were waiting as well as waiting for updates, but to be honest alongside you, I just didn’t want you seeing me such as that, man,” he said within the video.

“I want you to witness me laughing, having fun, going to a party, making a joke, or acting in a movie or TV show. I wasn’t interested in you to see my breathing tubes coming out of me and wondering if I were going to live.”

Jamie Foxx Posted A Post Regarding His Health On Instagram:

On July 22, 2023, Jamie Foxx finally wrote on Instagram about his health. He put the movie online with the words “Thanks a billion to everyone. It’s endured a long road, yet good people’s prayers and God’s help got me through.”

He praised all his friends, but he didn’t say what he had. In the video, he said, “I went through something I thought I would never, never go through.”

“I know a lot of individuals were waiting for news or wanted to know what was going on, but to be honest, I didn’t want you to witness me such as that man.

I would like you to see myself laughing, having fun at a party, telling a joke, making a movie, or putting on a TV show. I did not want you to see my breathing tubes coming out of me and wondering if I was going to live.”

He called on the people who helped him. “To them, to God, as well as a lot of outstanding medical people, I’m willing to send you this video,” he said. “I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s felt to have your loved ones help out in such a big way, and you all know they did a great job of keeping it safe.

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They kept everything in. They looked out for me, and I wish everyone could have that in times like these.” He also said that reports that he was “paralyzed” or “blind” were not true.

“I went to the pit of hell and my way back to health was not smooth,” he said. “But I’m coming back, and I’ll be able to work.” “I know they discuss people crying upon videos,” he said next. “There are two. I won’t be taking two.

What it is, is. If you happen to observe me out in public in the future and I suddenly start crying, it’s because it’s been hard, man. Man, I’ve been sick.

But now that I’m standing on my own, I’m going to leave. But, as I replied, I simply want you to always remember me because of the jokes I tell, the songs I sing, and the movies I make, some of which are good and some of which aren’t. I think I’ve got one that stands out,” he laughed.

He ended the three-minute film by saying, “I’m here on Earth due to a few outstanding people. God put me on this planet, man. I’m coming back.”

Cameron Diaz’s Response To Jamie Foxx Going To The Hospital:

A source informed on June 27, 2023, how Cameron Diaz feels regarding her co-star being hospitalized. The person said that she had been “shocked as well as saddened by Jamie’s health crisis.”

“One day they worked together, as well as the next day he was just gone,” they said. She wanted to be helpful and show support, but his family hasn’t said much about him.

The person said that it was very hard to film Back within Action within Atlanta. “Jamie’s film schedule was very busy and pretty hard. She was happy when it was over.”