In addition to Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream works on a medieval fantasy triple A


A reliable source ensures that the second project would be based on the technical demo The Dark Sorcerer.

If you have been following the news of the video game industry for a while, you will be familiar with The Dark Sorcerer, a technical demo of Quantic Dream that we were able to see during the E3 held in 2013 and that left us with a spectacular trailer that advanced the technology that the studio was going to showcase in its next projects.

Almost nine years have passed and the show is once again the protagonist, since, in addition to Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream would be working on a new triple A video game based on what we could see in that video. In it, a sorcerer made an appearance, speaking to the camera and carrying out a ritual in which other equally charlatan protagonists entered the scene. You can take a look at the top of the news.

It is reliable information, since it comes from the same fountain which leaked screenshots of Eclipse days before the official announcement during The Game Awards gala. According to him, this second project would have high doses of humor and it would be intergenerational, although this could change depending on the strategy that the company wants to take.

In addition to Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream works on a medieval fantasy triple A

I would treat medieval fantasy with a dose of humorIt also ensures that the main development team is in Paris, although the studio is experiencing difficulties in hiring new employees, which could lengthen production. It would have a focus of medieval fantasy, with David Cage himself having written a story that would have a strong commitment to narrative interactivity, reaching consoles and PC in the same way.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the information is that this new triple A would be more advanced than the Star Wars title, something that is not strange to us if we consider that other sources indicate that Eclipse could stretch until 2027. It is not, of course, the only Star Wars game that we will see in the coming years, with the new Ubisoft project in development or remake of KOTOR with the highest number of ballots to be one of the first to arrive.

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