In an exciting final, Aldosivi beat San Lorenzo for the La Liga Cup


San Lorenzo lost on the hour by 2-1 against Aldosivi in ​​the Nuevo Gasómetro, has not won since the first date against Arsenal, and is far from the leaders in the Professional League Cup after the sixth date. Aldosivi opened the scoring first, with a stopped ball, very well executed by midfielder Francisco Grahl in the second minute of injury time of the first half, but at the same height of the final stage Franco Di Santo equaled it for the Barça team, but 180 seconds later the former San Lorenzo Rodrigo Contreras returned the victory to Shark.

In the first half, with the brothers Ángel and Óscar Romero integrating the team from the beginning in San Lorenzo, they became the axis in the assembly of the Barça attacks. This is how the Paraguayans made the defenders Bruno Pittón and Gino Peruzzi protagonists in the arrival of the ball for the forwards crows, looking for a quick attack from the sides. The team led by Diego Dabove, repeated the tactical scheme used in the 0-0 draw against Banfield last date, this is 5-3-2. Aldosivi was planted to go out on a counterattack and tried on the right with Lautaro Guzmán, Emanuel Iñíguez and Joaquín Indacoechea to take the ball to the Mar del Plata forwards.

And those led by Fernando Gago began to dominate the match with precise passes between their players, but lacking the necessary depth to disturb the goal defended today by Fernando Monetti. Also on the left were Emanuel Insúa and Malcom Braida, who added pressure to the team santo on that side. Boedo’s team approached the longed-for goal in the 37th minute with a left-footed shot from Óscar Romero from outside the area, which demanded goalkeeper Luciano Pocrnijc. But the Mar del Plata team took advantage of a stopped ball and opened the scoring the second minute of discount with a free kick from the right of the large area, with a left-footed shot from Francisco Grahl to the right corner of Monetti, which he could not contain.


In the second stage and with the adverse result, the technician santo He appealed to the change of tactics for a 4-4-2, to refresh the midfield with Diego Rodríguez and Julián Palacios. Thus it was that he was able to put more pressure on Aldosivi in ​​his area, to seek the tie, as at 11 minutes when Ángel Romero put the ball inches from the left post of the visitor’s goal. And at 13 minutes, from the outside, Palacios demanded the Aldosivi goalkeeper, who took the ball to the corner. In the second minute of injury time Franco Di Santo tied it briefly for the homeowner, but in the fifth and last the former San Lorenzo, Rodrigo Contreras, sealed the result in favor of Aldosivi.

Boedo’s team came from the clean and jerk of going to Phase 3 in the Copa Libertadores de América by beating Universidad de Chile 2-0 in Bajo Flores. The match was scheduled to be led by Jorge Baliño, but because two days before the meeting he tested positive for Covid-19, he was replaced by Mauro Vigliano. San Lorenzo’s next commitment will be next Thursday, March 25, when he will face Defense and Justice at the Florencio Sola stadium, in Banfield, starting at 19:10, for the 16th of the Argentine Cup. For the League Cup, the Cyclone He will travel to the city of La Plata on Monday 29 to face Estudiantes, in a match that will start at 19:00. For his part, Aldosivi, who almost missed the victory today as it happened in 2-2 with Racing in Avellaneda, Which shows how good it feels for him to develop the idea of ​​Gago in that condition and against large teams and stages, he will play in Mar del Plata against Banfield, starting at 16:15, next Saturday the 27th.


San Lorenzo: Fernando Monetti; Gino Peruzzi, Francisco Flores, Federico Gattoni, Diego Braghieri and Bruno Pittón; Siro Rosané, Jalil Elías and Óscar Romero; Ángel Romero and Franco Di Santo. DT: Diego Dabove.

Aldosivi (Mar del Plata): Luciano Pocrnjic; Emanuel Iñíguez, Jonathan Schunke, Federico Milo and Emanuel Insúa; Joaquín Indacoechea, Gastón Gil Romero and Francisco Grahl; Lautaro Guzmán, Federico Andrada and Malcom Braida. DT: Fernando Gago.

Referee: Patricio Loustau.

Stadium: New Gasometer.

TV: TNT Sports.


With information from Télam


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