In Exorcist Believer, 50 Years After The First Movie, Ellen Burstyn Returns To The Famous Horror Series


In Exorcist Believer, 50 Years After The First Movie, Ellen Burstyn Returns To The Famous Horror Series:

Ellen Burstyn, who was in the original horror movie “The Exorcist” in 1973, is back in the next movie in the “Exorcist” series, “The Exorcist: Believer,” for the initial time since the first movie came out 50 years ago.

The Oscar-winning actress was back on screen in the film’s first trailer, which came out on Wednesday. She played Chris MacNeil, the famous actor who was haunted through her daughter Regan’s possession in the first movie.

David Gordon And McBride Also Worked Together For The Pineapple Express And Your Highness:

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride used to work together upon comedies such as Pineapple Express and Your Highness. A few years ago, they moved to Charleston, South Carolina, with their families along with other friends from the business.

They started looking for employment in the area so they could support their families. For example, South Carolina is where the movie Righteous Gemstones was shot.

“Have you ever seen something else like this?” In the video for “Believer,” “Handmaid’s Tale” actor Ann Dowd asks “Believer” actor Leslie Odom Jr., who plays a widower trying to rescue his possessed daughter as well as her friend.

“No, yet there are individuals out there who have,” says Dowd. Then Burstyn shows on the screen as the person who has seen this kind of thing previously, and the quest to save the two girls who are possessed starts.

Exorcism Is Ritual And Every Culture And Religion Has Different Ways Of Doing:

“Exorcism was a ritual,” Burstyn says in the clip. “Every culture and religion has different ways of doing things, and we’ll need them all.”

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The trailer is mostly about what seems to be the quick exorcism of two young girls. Both girls are taken to the hospital because they show signs of being possessed, but doctors are still hesitant to call it something so magical.

So, the girls’ parents bring in Chris MacNeil, the mother from the first movie, who is played by Ellen Burstyn once again.

From there, the video just makes vague references to the original movie, like a strange picture of Reagan that looks like it was taken straight from the letter for Sarah T. Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, which Blair was also in. 5

In the scary video, both Jewett and Marcum have the same sinister looks that Blair made famous in the first scary movie in the series.

CNN said before that David Gordon Green’s “Believer” would serve as the initial of three fresh “Exorcist” movies, and that the new movies will be sequels to the 1973 original.

As for any movie, there is still an opportunity that this is just a bad trailer and not an excellent film being sold well.

But the true shame, at least based on what I’ve seen so far, is that it looks like so many other movies regarding possession and deliverance. You might not even notice if half of the scenes within this video were from The Exorcist or not.

“Believer” stars Jennifer Nettles, Norbert Leo Butz, Jewett, Burstyn, Dowd, Marcum, as well as Odom Jr.

The first movie was a huge step forward for the horror genre. It was nominated for 10 Oscars, which was the first time a horror movie had ever been nominated for the award for best picture.

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The Film Won 2 Academy Awards:

The movie won two Academy Awards: one for the best adaptation of script and one for best sound. For her performance, Burstyn was nominated for best main actor.

Universal, Blumhouse, as well as Morgan Creek hired David Gordon Green to direct a brand-new follow-up to The Exorcist. This will be the start of a new series. On the thirteenth of October 2023, Leslie Odom Jr. will play in the first movie in the series, which will be shown in theaters.