In His Sexual Assault Trial, Kevin Spacey Was Found Not Guilty Of All Charges


In His Sexual Assault Trial, Kevin Spacey Was Found Not Guilty Of All Charges:

Gene Fallaize, who directed Kevin Spacey’s most recent movie, said he stands by his choice to hire the actor while he was impatient for his trial for sexual attack.

After a four-week trial within London’s Southwark Crown Court, Spacey was found not guilty on all charges on Thursday. “I don’t regret casting Kevin, and we could do it all over once more,” Fallaize, who directed Spacey during the low-budget movie “Control,” told Variety.

The Film Was Sold By TriCoaast Worldwide:

The movie is being sold by TriCoast Worldwide, which is based in Los Angeles. Spacey plays a guy who is so determined to get payback that he steals the car of a high-ranking government figure. Spacey does not appear on screen in the movie.

His part, which is all singing, was taped in the capital last December, just a few weeks after he had been charged alongside seven of the twelve sexual crimes he was tried for this month.

Kelvin Spacey Was Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault:

Kevin Spacey was found not guilty of sexual assault by a jury in London on Wednesday. The Oscar winner’s stellar performance as a witness within his own defense saved him from a possible jail sentence and gave him hope that he could get a job again after being out of work for six years.

As the final decision of “not guilty” was read, Spacey’s eyes filled with tears. The Oscar winner gazed at the judges, put his hand on the collar of his blue suit as well as pink shirt, and said, “Thank you.” He was 64 years old.

After thanking a few jurors in the hallway, a humbled Spacey stated outside Southwark Crown Court, “I’m sure many of you know that I have a lot to think about after what just happened today.”

“I am very thankful that the jury took the time to carefully consider every one of the evidence as well as the evidence before making their decision.”

Before The Hearing, Fallaize Sold The Film To German, Russian, And Middle Eastern Producers:

Fallaize says that the movie was sold to producers within Germany, Russia, as well as the Middle East before the hearing was over. After the ruling, talks have moved forward about putting the movie out in the U.S. and U.K.

Fallaize, who worked with the actor within the recording box before his trial, talked to Variety regarding the public’s interest in the movie and Spacey’s job chances now that he’s been cleared within the U.K.

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The prosecution said he was considered a “sexual bully” who liked to make people feel uncomfortable, like by grabbing men’s crotches in a forceful way.

Spacey Stated That The Accusations Were Crazy And A Stab In The Back:

Spacey said that the accusations were “crazy” and “a stab in the back.” The four accused victims, who can’t be name for legal reasons, had their say in court.

One of them, a former actor-wannabe, said that Spacey was doing a sex act on him when he woke up, which suggests that Spacey had “drugged” him. Spacey was charged of grabbing a woman’s crotch so hard that they almost lost control of their car as they drove to a charity event.

Spacey’s two days of evidence ended with him getting choked up as he talked about how he hasn’t had a job since 2017 when the sex abuse claims against him came to light.

“My world exploded,” said Spacey in court. “There was a rush to judgment, before the first question had been raised or answered, I lost my job, my reputation, and everything else in a matter of days.”

In a legal case brought in the US last year, separate sexual claims were thrown out by a court. This led to the decisions in London. After the jury didn’t believe the proof, the judge said that the charges were not true.

What Is The Accusations?

Three men said that Spacey grabbed their crotches violently and called him a “vile” and “slippery, snaky” attacker.

A fourth man, who wants to be an actor, said he fell asleep or passed out in Spacey’s London apartment, where he went for business help and a beer, and woke up to find the actor doing oral sex on him.

Spacey stated he was a “big flirt” who had frequent affairs with men and whose only mistake was touching a man’s groin during a “clumsy pass.”

Patrick Gibbs, the defense attorney, said that three of the men were lying and that their meetings had been “reimagined with a sinister spin.” He said that they were jumping on the #MeToo “bandwagon” with the goal to get rich. Two of the guys have taken Spacey to court.

We didn’t say anything about it because we didn’t want it to be a weird thing about us. We were there to work with a performer, therefore we didn’t talk about things like that. But Kevin was very honest in the breaks.

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We might talk; we just talked about things in general. I didn’t want to talk about “House of Cards” due to he’d been fired and I didn’t know if there was any bad blood or hostility, but he talked about it in a very positive way.

It was easy to talk to him. He is quiet by nature and seems quite shy. He looked good. I mean, I didn’t know Kevin before all of this, so I can’t say what he was like before. But he just appeared such as a good person.

The Jury Took 12.5 Hours Over 3 Days:

Spacey was facing 9 charges, involving multiple counts of sexual assault along with a count of forcing someone to do penetrative sexual behavior without their permission. Before coming to a decision, the jury talked for 12.5 hours across three days.

Well, it was a risk, and everyone knew at the time that it was a risk. People were always telling us, “Oh, that’s a risky move.” But a good friend of mine who used to work as an executive at one of the companies and I had an honest talk, and I asked him, “What do you think?

People have told me that this could hurt my job for the rest of my life. Is this a bad idea?”

And he stated that he thought it was brilliant casting because if he is found not guilty, you could have gotten a clean Kevin Spacey within a way that you would never have been able to do before.

So it was really just a matter of weighing the choices and thinking about the pros as well as cons: how will it really affect us if something terrible happens? That, combined with the moral choice we had to make,

And when we encountered with Kevin, we told him, “You know, it’s not just for him. It’s for us, too.” We had nothing but good feelings and good vibes when we left, and he didn’t say anything bad to us at all. So we said, “All right, let’s try.” It’s a chance, but I think it’s worth it.

During deliberations, the jury urged Justice Mark Wall to recap the evidence of a man who said that the star grabbed his crotch so hard while he was traveling to a gala at Elton John’s that he almost drove off the road.

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That was important because the man stated he started working with Spacey within the early 2000s as well as had been touched inappropriately for years. He said that what took place in the vehicle was the last straw, and after that he avoided the star.

No. When we first told people he was going to be the one, we received some of that. But since yesterday, I’ve only encountered good things since then. But for me, I don’t know what else you can say.

You know, the facts were given, plain and simple. From both sides, all of the facts were given, and the judges decided that he was not guilty. have all the facts, including things that people upon the Internet don’t have.

People who were present in the courtroom when they agreed he wasn’t guilty are the only ones who know everything.

People who say we are giving him a clean slate or letting him come back, what proof do they have to say that the jury is wrong? I don’t regret putting Kevin in the role, and I would definitely do it again.

One of the men said that his experience with Spacey was “completely traumatic as well as life-ruining.” One person said that he felt better when he worked out and drank more. Several people said they couldn’t stand to watch shows with the character in them.

With the ease of a seasoned actor, Spacey took his place in the witness box, which was a laminated wood desk at the front of a brightly lit courtroom. It had to be the smallest stage of his career.

Spacey HAs To Pay $31 Million To Makers Of The House Of Cards:

An judge in Los Angeles told Spacey to pay the makers of “House of Cards” almost $31 million because he broke his contract through sexually harassing crew members.

Spacey can now go back to work “without a stain to his character,” stated Mark Stephens, a London media lawyer.

Stephens says that the accusations created at the height of the #MeToo scandal made it so that Kevin Spacey’s career was pretty much over. He will likely be picked up by Hollywood directors who are ready to move on and make new movies.