In Indore, the police did something like this, there was a lot of applause, getting praise all over, see VIDEO

Madhya Pradesh: Indore Police has given such punishment to the criminals, for which they are being praised a lot. People clapped and thanked the police. The police caught two criminals on Thursday and got a sit-in meeting in front of all the people on the middle road. Not only this, the police asked for forgiveness from people by lying on the ground. People came out of the balcony to see this and started clapping for the police. This video of this sentence of the police is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Also Read – Madhya Pradesh: The prison under consideration made a noose by tying bandage on the wound

This video of Indore police has been shared by news agency ANI on Friday. In this video that is going viral, it can be clearly seen that two criminals are holding an ear-sitting on the road and people are cheering and standing in the balcony outside the house. After the sit-in meeting, the police ask the criminals to apologize to the people. So both the criminals again bow their head on the ground and apologize to the people.

Input Video-ANI

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