In The Trailer For The Biopic Golda, Helen Mirren Plays A Brave Golda Meir


In The Trailer For The Biopic Golda, Helen Mirren Plays A Brave Golda Meir:

In the official video for Golda, Helen Mirren plays the blunt and stubborn Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Golda is a ticking-clock thriller directed by Guy Nattiv that is based on real events that happened during the tense Yom Kippur War in 1973.

In Bleecker Street’s movie coming out on August 25, Meir plays political chicken with Liev Schreiber’s character, Henry Kissinger, the U.S. secretary of state. Israel could be destroyed if they don’t get what they want.

Golda Meir Is The Leader Of Most Disputed Region Within In World Within 1973:

“In 1973, Golda Meir is the leader of the most disputed region in the world,” says a line of text that flashes across the screen at the beginning of the trailer. Then, we see Mirren playing the powerful politician as she gets ready to speak to the state of Israel.

Guy Nattiv’s movie Golda now has a video that shows Helen Mirren as Golda Meir, the first woman to be Prime Minister of Israel. Watch the movie shared above to see a sneak peek.

Even though the situation is different, it seems like Israel is making decisions about its future, just like it did in 1973, when Arab countries attacked Israel without warning on the greatest day of the Jewish calendar and almost destroyed it until the United States stepped in.

In 2023, the most right-wing government within Israel’s 75-year history tried to weaken the Supreme Court. This led to 30 weeks of mass protests that showed social divides and made people wonder regarding the future of the Jewish state.

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In the sneak video that came out on Tuesday, Kissinger warns Israel’s only female leader, “Remember that I am initially an American, then secretary of state, and ultimately a Jew.”

The Story Is About How A Woman On The Israeli Cabinet Became A Good Leader:

Golda had its world premiere within Berlin. It tells the story of how the only woman on the Israeli cabinet became a surprisingly good military leader shortly after her country was attacked by Egypt and Syria on the morning of Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, in 1973.

Camille Cottin, who played the lead role in the French Netflix hit Call My Agent, additionally portrays Lou Kaddar, Meir’s longtime personal helper who stuck by her side through the war, in Golda.

Meir says to her faithful assistant, “If the Americans toss ourselves to the dogs, I am not going to be taken alive,” while holding her trademark cigarette.

Rami Heuberger, Lior Ashkenazi, Ellie Piercy, Ed Stoppard, Rotem Keinan, Dvir Benedek, Dominic Mafham, Ben Caplan, Kit Rakusen, as well as Emma Davies are all a part of the ensemble group.

This Movie Is Based On True Story:

The movie, which is based on a real story, is called a “ticking-clock thriller” and is about Meir during the “tense 19 days” surrounding the Yom Kippur War within 1973.

In the trailer, you can see Mirren fighting hard with Liev Schreiber and other people of her time. Schreiber also makes a shocking change as Henry Kissinger, making the former US politician look unidentifiable.

Meir Is The Leader Of Israel Between 1969  To 1974:

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Between 1969 and 1974, Meir was the leader of Israel. She was a powerful person in the world, but it is said that she felt guilty about the people who died within the Yom Kippur War till the end of her life.

“Golda” isn’t the first time Mirren has played a well-known Jewish person on film. She played Jewish refugee Maria Altmann during the 2015 thriller “Woman in Gold” with Ryan Reynolds. For this role, she was nominated for a SAG Award in the category for best female actor.

Mirren Got A Oscar Within 2006 For The Roll Of The Queen:

Mirren got an Oscar in 2006 for her part as a different head of state in “The Queen.” However, when it was reported that she would play Meir, some critics said that a Jewish person should have been cast instead of Mirren, who is not Jewish.

The actress said she had a “discussion” alongside “Golda” director Guy Nattiv regarding why he wanted to cast her even though she wasn’t Jewish.

She also said, “If someone who isn’t Jewish is unable to portray Jewish, does someone who is Jewish play someone who isn’t Jewish?” when she talked about the backlash in 2022.

Nattiv also talked regarding how the movie tries to improve Meir’s reputation. He said, “What I’m showing is Israel’s loss, its downfall. I call it “Golda’s Requiem.” Everyone is losing their minds. People such as Moshe Dayan, the big hero and “superman” of Israel, are getting a slap.

Even though the movie isn’t very good, a review on the Hebrew website Walla says that it will be a big hit in Israel this summer. The review says that the movie will make people talk about important problems and bring them back into the spotlight.

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It shows how much democracy costs and reminds people that Israel almost didn’t exist in 1973 because of its own mistakes. At the end of the review, the requirement to learn from previous errors while maintaining a careful attitude is stressed.

The movie also shows how different Meir, who was Prime Minister from 1969 to 1974, as well as Netanyahu are as people and as leaders.

Meir was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1898. He was one of the first members of Labor Zionism, a movement that helped build and run the country for its first 30 years.

Meir wore simple clothes as well as was known to make her ministers coffee. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion gave her a backhanded praise 50 years ago by saying that Meir was “the only man that comprised my cabinet.”