India China Face-off: Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s statement amid tension in the border – India and China are going through “unprecedented” situation

India China Face-off: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday said in reference to the ongoing border dispute between India and China in East Ladakh that the two countries are going through an “unprecedented” situation. Addressing the online conference of the World Economic Forum, Jaishankar said that how India and China keep pace with their growth is a big issue, a part of which is a border dispute. Also Read – India has targeted Pakistan on the announcement of holding elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, said- on the occupied place …

This is Jaishankar’s first comment on the border dispute that has been going on for four and a half months, after talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on September 10, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Moscow, Russia’s capital. Also Read – India-China standoff: MEA said- It is necessary to ensure ground stability, meeting of commanders soon

On the question of how the relationship between the two big countries of Asia will proceed, Jaishankar said that it is necessary for India and China to understand the need to adjust each other’s development. Also Read – Indian army will have strong hold from Ladakh to Arunachal, Rajnath Singh will inaugurate 43 bridges

The foreign minister said, “We are going through an unprecedented situation in a way. But if anyone sees it widely, then I say that this is one aspect of big events for which India and China have to sit down and find a solution. ” He said that the big challenge for the diplomacy of the two countries is how they adjust each other’s growth.

Significantly, there was an important dialogue between the core commanders of India and China on Monday, after which the two sides announced a series of decisions, including to stop sending more troops to the border and to avoid any action that would complicate the matter. Huh.

Jaishankar gave his opinion on some important issues of the world on the World Economic Forum. He said that we need to change our thinking about globalization.