India Does Not Like Oppenheimer’s Sex Scene


India Does Not Like Oppenheimer’s Sex Scene:

A sex scene from the highly expected thriller “Oppenheimer” is being criticized via Indian officials, who say the scene was “a scathing attack upon Hinduism.”

The historical drama tells the narrative of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer as he as well as a group of scientists rush to finish the dreaded Manhattan Project, which ended through the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both in Japan, upon the sixth of August, 1945.

What Is The Scene:

In this scene, the main character reads a line from the Bhagwad Gita, which is considered the greatest of the Hindu texts, right before they have a sexual encounter.

The film came out in India on Friday to a lot of excitement. The Central Board of Film Certification gave it a “U/A” rating, which means that kids under 12 should watch with their parents.

The movie tells the narrative of the atomic bomb through the eyes of its maker, Robert Oppenheimer. The scene in question shows the main character, played by Cillian Murphy, having sex with his girlfriend, played by Florence Pugh.

During the conversation, Pugh stops as well as picks out a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, which is one of the most important books in Hinduism, as well as asks Murphy to read from it.

In the movie, Robert Oppenheimer as well as Jean Tatlock are having sexual relations until Jean goes over to a bookshelf, grabs a copy of the “Bhagavad Gita,” as well as asks Murphy to read something from it.

In a news release, the nationalist “Save Culture, Save India Foundation” said, “This needs to be looked into as soon as possible, and those responsible need to be punished severely.”

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Over 36000 People Shared The Comment:

More than 3,600 people shared the comments of the group’s founder, a government worker named Uday Mahurkar, who said the movie was bad.

Last week, when the movie came out for the first time in India, thousands of people went to see it. However, after the scene, many of them took to social media to complain.

Uday Mahurkar Who Is A Data Commissioner Wrote A Message Regarding This:

Uday Mahurkar, a data commissioner for the Indian government, wrote to the film’s director Christopher Nolan, “It has come to our eye that the movie ‘Oppenheimer’ has a scene that is a scathing attack on Hinduism.”

“Social media reports say that in one scene of the movie, a woman as well as a man read “Bhagwad Geeta” out loud while she is getting over him while he is having sexual relations with her.”

“She is holding Bhagwad Geeta within one hand, while the other palm seems to be adjusting the position of their reproductive organs,” Mahurkar’s tweet says.

One of the most important Hindu texts is the Bhagwad Geeta. Geeta has been a source of inspiration for many sanyasis, brahmacharis, and heroes who live a self-controlled life and do good things for others without thinking of themselves.

Mahurkar Also Write That These Scene Does Not Make Any Logic And Sense:

Mahurkar also said that he doesn’t recognize the “motivation as well as logic behind this unnecessary scene within the life of a scientist” and that he sees it as “a direct attack on the religious beliefs of a billion tolerant Hindus.”

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India’s Information Commissioner, Uday Mahurkar, said in a statement on Saturday that the scene was “a direct attack upon the religious beliefs of a billion tolerant Hindus” and that it was like “waging war on the Hindu community.”

He Added Delete The Scene To Approve Screening In India:

He also said, “We think that if you get rid of this scene and do what you need to do to win the hearts of Hindus, it goes a long way toward proving that you are a thoughtful person and will win you the friendship of billions of good people.”

Most people in India, which had its first nuclear test within 1974, like the movie. Critics have given it great reviews, and people are rushing to theaters to see it.

Oppenheimer Made $3 Million In India On The First Weekend:

Local sources say that “Oppenheimer” made more than $3 million within its first weekend in the country. This is more than the highly expected “Barbie,” which came out on the same day and made just over $1 million.

India’s film board given “Oppenheimer” a U/A rating, which is for movies with moderately adult themes that kids under 12 can watch with parental supervision. So far, none of the country’s states or union regions have banned the movie.

Oppenheimer has been a hit with Indian viewers. It made £1.2 million on its first day, which is the most money that a Hollywood movie has made on its first day in India this year.

Since the BJP government came into power, this is not the first time a popular movie has upset right-wing Hindu groups. Senior BJP officials also said that the BBC/Netflix version of A Suitable Boy hurt religious feelings, and cops got calls about a scene in which a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy kiss near a temple.

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It’s also the initial time that one film opened with more than $100 million as well as another opened with more than $80 million within one weekend.

When everything is said and done, it will probably be the fourth-biggest box office weekend ever, with over $300 million earned by the business as a whole. And all of this in a market that is becoming more skewed toward winners based on intellectual property?

The commissioner came to the conclusion that the scene “amounted to waging war upon the Hindu community as well as almost seemed to be part of a larger plot by anti-Hindu forces.”

Mahurkar’s letter said that Hollywood was more careful about how it portrayed the Quran and Islam, and he asked that the same consideration be given to Hindus.

Government Official Requested Nolan To Remove This Scene From Movie:

The tweet says that the government official requested Nolan to “remove this scene from the movie everywhere,” adding, “If you decide to disregard this appeal, it would be seen as a deliberate attack on Indian civilization.”