India leases from US on very dangerous Predator Drones, may deploy on China to deal with LAC

Indian Navy inducts two US Predator drones on lease, can be deployed on China border: The Indian Navy has leased two Predator drones to its fleet to monitor the Indian Ocean region from an American firm in order to escalate between India and the US amid conflict with China. They can also be deployed at LOC in East Ladakh. All three services of sources in India are also preparing to get 18 more such drones from America. Also Read – Chinese APP urges China, India to restore normal trade relations with ban

The US drones have been inducted by the Navy under emergency procurement powers granted by the Ministry of Defense in the wake of the India-China border conflict. Top government sources told ANI, “The drones arrived in India in the second week of November and were inducted into flight operations on November 21 at the base at the Indian Navy’s Rajali base.” Also Read – Chinese soldiers suffering from cold on LAC, are doing this work to recreate

Explain that a Predator drone that not only collects intelligence through surveillance and reconnaissance, but also detects and destroys targets with missiles or laser-guided bombs. Actually, this armed drone has proven its skills in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Its 4 hel-fire missiles and two -500-pound laser-guided warhead capability have been proven. Also Read – Blackmailing Nurse for Sex: Doctor gets very expensive, punishment worse than death

The drone has already started flight operations. With an ability to stay in the air for more than 30 hours, they are proving to be a great asset to the maritime force. Sources said that an American crew from the vendor is also with equipment and will support the Navy in operating the machines. Sources said that the drones are flying in Indian colors and will also be on lease with India for a year. Sources said that all three services of India are preparing to get 18 more such drones from America.

Sources said that India and the United States are working very closely during the ongoing struggle against the Chinese invasion in eastern Ladakh. Sources said that under the Defense Acquisition Procedure-2010 and Defense Procurement Rules-2009, the option of leasing weapons systems has been given and helps to save money and maintenance is also with the seller.

Sources said that under the lease agreement, the US support staff would only help with maintenance and technical issues, while the sort planning and joistic control would be with the personnel of the Indian Navy. Sources said that the data collected by the drone during the flight would also be a special property of the Indian Navy.

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