Indian Railways: Before paying attention to home in Diwali-Chhath, pay attention, Railways diversified trains on these routes, many trains canceled

Indian Railways Latest News: In Rajasthan, the Gujjar society has been agitating for the past one week over its demands. Railways and roadways have been badly affected due to Gurjar protesters. Now the railway has taken a big step. Due to the agitation in Rajasthan, the railways have canceled many trains on the Punjab and Haryana routes, so many trains have changed their routes. If you are planning to know your home in Diwali and Chhath, then take the information of trains before traveling. Also Read – Punjab Train Service: When will the train service start in Punjab? The Chairman of the Railway Board said this …

Indian Western Railway tweeted and informed about the diversion and cancellation of trains. On behalf of the railway, it was told that the 02059/02060 railway has been canceled due to road blockage due to agitation for Kota- Hazrat Nizamuddin – Kota special train which was to leave on 8 November. Also Read – Train Ticket Booking New Rules: There is a plan to go home on Diwali-Chhath Puja, so know this ‘new rule’ of reservation, otherwise …

Where the Gujjar society in Rajasthan is performing against their demands, in Punjab also farmers are protesting against the new agricultural law for more than a month. Protests are going on in Punjab about the new agricultural laws. Due to this, farmers have blocked the railway tracks and the operations of trains have been stopped in the state since 24 September.

Indian Railways on Saturday denied the possibility of running goods trains in Punjab. The head of the railway board said that he will operate both passenger and goods trains or none.

Earlier on Thursday, there was a fierce debate in the meeting between the Railway Minister and the Congress MPs of Congress from Punjab for the restoration of rail traffic in Punjab and during this time four MPs came out regarding the Minister’s remarks.

Regarding the smooth introduction of railway service in Punjab, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that before the restoration of train service in Punjab, the state government would have to assure the safety of railway assets and personnel and remove all protesters from the tracks. .

Goyal said in a tweet, “Railways are ready to start operations in Punjab. Provided that the Punjab government assures the safety of train operations and free the railway tracks from protesters. “