Indian Railways News: After this big step of RPF, there will be ‘ease’ in getting Confirmed Rail Ticket, know the whole matter

Indian Railways News in Hindi: In the midst of the ongoing Corona crisis, only special trains are running on track. In such a situation, there is a lot of fighting over Confirmed Rail Ticket. In the midst of Corona epidemic, all the trains are running on the track, it is necessary to have a confirmed ticket for the journey. Passengers will not be able to travel on these trains with waiting tickets. After a major operation by the Railway Protection Force (RPF), now the chances of getting confirmed tickets are more than ever. RPF detected illegal software ‘Real Mango Software’ used to grab confirmed train reservation tickets during Coronavirus News and 50 arrests from West Bengal, Assam, Bihar and Gujarat That RPF Director General Arun Kumar gave this information. Also Read – Indian Railways Record Record During Lockdown, 10% Increase In Freight

Arun Kumar said that the investigation of the functioning of this illegal software revealed that it (software) ignores captcha for automatic ticket booking and by integrating bank OTP with the help of mobile app Put in the required form (form). It also automatically puts details of the passenger and his payment in the form. Also Read – Special Train Traveling Guidelines: Booking of 80 special trains will start from this day, these rules will have to be followed for travel in Corona period

He said, ‘This software logs into the IRCTC website (IRCTC Webcite) through various IRCTC IDs. Illegal software is sold in a five-tier structure and the system administrator is paid in bitcoin. ‘Arun Kumar said that the regional units of RPF have been arrested for arresting 50 people including system developers and key managers till date and worth more than five lakh rupees. Has managed to stop the tickets. The system developer is the kingpin of this gang and the manager was involved in operating this software. Also Read – Special Train For Bihar: 80 trains running from September 12 to Bihar, so many trains, know full time table

He said, ‘Five important operators of this illegal software have been arrested from West Bengal. Now this software has been completely destroyed. ”This conspiracy was noticed when it was found that the developer of this software uses YouTube to promote its product. Then an analysis of the data of this popular video sharing platform revealed important members of the gang. Kumar said that after the resumption of passenger services, the force intensified the campaign against the brokers due to the possibility of increased brokerage activity. He said, “The operation of the rare mango (later renamed to real mango) was detected on August 9 during the action against the brokers by the regional units of the RPF.”

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