Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up the Bathroom


As one of the house’s most visited and busiest rooms, the bathroom should regularly be spruced to keep it as fresh-looking as possible. It is where people begin and end their days. Sometimes, it’s where they spend a lot of time during their waking hours, so it should also be a safe and comfortable space. Sprucing up the bathroom to make it as pleasant as possible need not be expensive. Homeowners only need to be creative and smart about their choices to make the place stand out. 

A good bathroom is functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A homemaker with a great designer’s instinct can easily create a personalised aesthetic that can radiate luxury and comfort without compromising the functionality of the space. 

Here are some inexpensive ways to spruce up your bathroom.

Add mirrors

If your bathroom is small, you can add mirrors to create the illusion of space. Choose long and tall mirrors to exaggerate the area’s feel and size. You can also select mirrors with vintage-looking frames to add character to the room.

Appropriate space for showers

Reserve a small space for small shower cubicles to improve the functionality of your bathroom. Such features can provide privacy as you shower, and they come with the right shower systems to provide a luxurious bathing experience. The space will be a perfect sanctuary if you love long hot showers.

Improve the hand basin 

While freestanding baths capture the attention of anyone using the space, the hand basin can also create a focal point in the room. You can upgrade the sink with a unique piece that screams luxury, or you can even purchase a generic model and apply the necessary designs of your choosing. Such a simple update will do wonders for the area’s aesthetics.

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Maximise storage spaces

Maximising available storage space is one of the best ways to improve the bathroom’s functionality. Install cabinets under sinks, recessed shelves near the freestanding baths, and caddies in the showercubicle. Add linen cabinets for towels and mats, and you can also install ledges to hold scented candles that can set the ambience.

Use wallpaper

Most homes use paint to complement the floor and wall tiles. However, savvy homemakers can make their space unique by using bold-patterned or fun wallpaper. It will make the space feel luxurious or fun, depending on the wallpaper used.

Switch window treatments

Windows in the bathroom will let natural light in and help let moisture and stale air leave the area. Instead of applying privacy film, homemakers can switch it up by using curtains, Venetian blinds or repurposed shutters. These treatments can improve the overall feel of the place and provide enough character.

Replace lighting fixtures 

Improve the lighting fixtures by replacing incandescent lamps with LED bulbs. Install LED strips behind vanity mirrors to create an interesting backdrop. Hang a vintage-inspired chandelier and elevate the ambience quickly. 


Sprucing up the bathroom can be fun as homeowners can express their creative side. In addition, smart design choices can tremendously improve the area’s aesthetics, ambience and safety.