Infusion Games Studio shares their projects’ TSL results


Infusion Games studio, the creators of the Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes games, share the results of their technical soft launch. Despite the current volatile state of the industry, the studio continues to exist independently, considers partnership proposals, and continues to attract investments.

Cyber Wars was created as a cyberpunk mobile shooter with flying cars and impressive graphics. Multiplayer PvP mode and the unlimited number of options immerse players in a bustling futuristic world.

In the meantime, the studio began working on Arena Heroes, a PvP MMO RPG battler. It’s a colorful dynamic game, featuring a range of heroes and villains from all possible cultural backgrounds. Michael Jackson vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Easily!

Technical soft launch of Cyber Wars and Arena Heroes took place in the US and several other countries. According to the results, the visual style of Arena Heroes hit the spot with the players, so the team plans to continue developing the game’s storyline maintaining a level of irony in the spirit of popular satirical animated series. 11% of people who installed the game played more than 100 battles. Arena Heroes displayed excellent results in terms of CPI and high levels of playability in battles.

“Our games proved to be engaging. According to the results, 45% of Cyber Wars players played 3 battles, a rather high count even for games that have already been released, and we managed to reach such stats at TSL,” comments Sergey Belyaev, CEO and co-founder of the studio.

Work on the flagship game began over two years ago. Later, Sergey Belyaev and Nikolay Shubin partnered with an international holding company and raised $2.5 million in investments. $1.3 million was allocated for development, the rest was planned to be used for primary marketing.

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Despite the first round of investment and the concession of a 33% share, Infusion Games later bought back the share and made an exit to their anchor investor (18.7%). At the moment, the studio continues to exist independently, actively looking for a strategic partner.

“Thanks to accurate and resultative metrics, Infusion Games continues to attract investment and communicate with venture capital funds. Over the past four months alone, the studio raised a total of $850,000,” says Nikolay Shubin, the studio co-founder.

Over the past year, the number of employees has increased by 50 people. Part of the team is based in Türkiye, with the company actively helping other employees with relocation.

Infusion Games is a European studio founded in 2019. As of today, it has three titles in development, including Cyber Wars, a mobile cyberpunk shooter with flying vehicles.

Cyber Wars is a vehicular shooter with PvP multiplayer mode and unlimited kick-ass action, set in a beautiful futuristic dystopia.

Arena Heroes is a 2D cartoon turn-based collection RPG-battler with deep meta.