Insatiable Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?


After the second season of Insatiable ended, many fans have already been wondering when Netflix will add the third season. In this article, we’ll look at that.

We’ll talk about everything we understand so far about this next dark comedy-drama series from America, as well as when Insatiable season 3 will come out. For those who don’t know, insatiable is a darkly comedic drama created by Lauren Gussis and based on Jeff Chu’s piece The Pageant King of Alabama, which was published in The New York Times Magazine in July 2014. On August 10, 2018, the first season started on the CW. In September 2018, the show was picked up for a second season, which came out on Netflix on October 11, 2019.

Insatiable Season 3: Renewal Status

Alyssa Milano, who played the lead in Insatiable, confirmed the show’s cancellation on social media. The most likely reason Netflix didn’t renew it for a third season is that not enough people watched it. The first season of Insatiable made a lot of noise for all the wrong reasons. After the trailer came out, the show was criticized for what many people saw as a fat-shaming plot. Just about a quarter of a million people signed a petition to get rid of the show. Even though the controversy may have made people curious enough to watch the show, that interest didn’t carry across to Insatiable season 2.

Most of the time, new seasons of Netflix shows come out with little or no advertising, and they tend to sink or swim based mostly on word of mouth. Even taking into account how the controversy affected the reviews, the first season of Insatiable got very bad reviews. The second season of “Insatiable” ended last year with almost no buzz, whether good or bad. Even though Netflix is notoriously secretive about how many people watch its shows, it’s probably safe to assume that season 2 of Insatiable didn’t get enough viewers to keep going.

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Insatiable Season 3 Cast

In Insatiable, Debby Ryan plays Patty, the main character, and is one of the stars. You will also see the following people besides her.

  • Arden Myrin as Regina
  • Dallas Roberts as Bob Armstrong Jr.
  • Christopher Gorham as Bob Barnard
  • Sarah Colonna as Angie
  • Erinn Westbrook as Magnolia
  • Kimmy Shields as Nonnie
  • Michael Provost as Brick
  • Irene Choi as Dixie
  • Alyssa Milano as Coralee

What Happened in the Finale of Season 2?

In the last episode of the first season, Patty wakes up to find that pageant judge Stella Rose and her daughter Roxy have taken her. They were planning to get rid of Bob. They are going to kill Patty and attempt to appear as if she killed herself. But she doesn’t sign up for the regionals. However, we additionally witness Patty use a crowbar to kill Christian. She calls Bob and informs him she believes she may have killed Stella Rose. Bob agrees to help her push Christian’s car into a lake.

Stella Rose is shown to be alive at the start of the second season. But things don’t always go well. In the last episode of the season, Patty does kill her. Not just that. Stella Rose’s body is kept in Patty’s room for a long time after she becomes the bad guy. Throughout the season, Patty is seen killing other people. She pushes Gordy off a cliff, and she took 3 drug dealers she thought were her parents. In short, the main character has turned into a killer.

Insatiable Season Review

The reviews for season 2 of Insatiable have been very mixed. Insatiable talks about some important problems, like eating disorders, bullying, and the LGBTQ+ community. The plot and characters, on the other hand, might be more interesting. The way the story is put together isn’t right, and the characters don’t change. Because of these things, fans didn’t pay much attention to the show.

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The first season of this show was as funny and well-made as the first season of San Clarita Diet. This show was not afraid to talk about controversial subjects. No one is perfect on the show, but that’s the point, and you continue to cheer for your favorite character. But the show didn’t end after one season; it kept going for more. The fun was over. Things you thought would happen in the story didn’t. In the first season, the jokes were about stereotypes. In the second season, they were about the characters.

Insatiable Season 3 Trailer

First, we need another streamer or network to pick up the signal. If it does get the go-ahead, look for a jubilant trailer a month before the premiere.

Insatiable Season 3 Episodes

In season 3 of the Netflix original series Insatiable, there will be more drama and humor. Fans were excited to see Patty, Bob, Nonnie, and their other friends go back to their small-town lives. Since Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, people want to know how many episodes will be in Season 3. The last season had ten episodes, so the next season might have the same number or more. So that the next Part can now have at least 8 episodes.

Insatiable Season 3 Release Date

This question doesn’t make sense right now. As was already said, the show won’t be back for a third season. How is it that we even understand when season 3 of Insatiable will come out? That would be like adding more fuel to a fire. This isn’t something that we will do right away. We’ll just say it: there won’t be a third season of Insatiable. The show has been canceled. There have already been talks about why the show was canceled.