Instead of filling cash in ATM, these bank employees used to put money in their account, this was disclosed


new Delhi: Three people have been arrested on charges of embezzling about 20 lakh rupees from six bank ATMs, two of which are van custodians. As an employee of a private company, they used to fill cash in these ATMs. Delhi Police gave this information on Wednesday. Police said that embezzlement of Rs 6.69 lakh has been recovered so far and the search for four others is going on. Also Read – Bank of China invested in Indian bank ICICI, 15 thousand crores between tensions in both countries

Police further said that the arrested accused Anurag Singh Rajawat and Virender Singh decided to embezzle money after losing money in gambling. His partner Rohit Aggarwal has been arrested, in whose account Rs 3.5 lakh has been transferred. Also Read – Bihar Lockdown Extension: Increased lockdown period in Bihar, know what will open and what not, relief given to

During the audit, when a shortfall of Rs 20,07,300 was found in six ICICI ATMs, a complaint was lodged at Okhla Industrial Area Police Station. Police said that 2.34 lakh rupees have been seized from Anurag’s bank account and 66,000 thousand from Virendra’s account. Also Read – Bank Holidays in August 2020: Bumper holiday is going to happen in the month of August, tackle your work soon


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