Intertwined Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know


A comedy-drama-fantasy-musical television series for children, tweens, and teens from Argentina is called Intertwined; the original title was Entrelazados. The show’s bright and lovable first season was a huge hit with many viewers. Fans have been wondering when Intertwined Season 2 will be released since the first season debuted in 2021. Disney, has it been renewed?

Disney confirmed on May 2, 2022, that Intertwined has been renewed for a second season. The second season of Intertwined will air sometime in 2023. It was also revealed that Intertwined will have a third season, which will debut in 2024.

Will ‘Intertwined’ have a second season?

Yes! Early in May 2022, Disney announced that “Intertwined” had been renewed for a season 2 on Disney+. Almost six months have passed after the show’s original Disney+ premiere in November 2021.

Intertwined Season 2 Storyline

Allegra, a 16-year-old girl who is passionate about music and aspires to make a profession out of it, is the main character in Intertwined, a narrative about passion and skills but also some secrets. Allegra aims to be a part of the music theatre company “Eleven O’clock.” Allegra aspires to perform the lead role in the play Freaky Friday, which is significant to her because it was the production that, decades ago, made her grandmother Coco famous.

The fact that Allegra’s mother Catarina and her grandmother do not get along well prevents Allegra from spending a lot of time with her and has a negative effect on Allegra’s life. Allegra idolizes her grandmother and aspires to be a music legend like her.

But when she discovers a bracelet in her house and puts it on, she unexpectedly travels back in time to 1994, which will change the course of her entire life. Catarina, Allegra’s mother, was 16 years old at the time and was just beginning her career with Eleven O’clock. She had the same desire as Allegra and wished to be a part of the same group.

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Allegra’s grandmother Coco was assisting Catarina in launching her profession. Allegra discovers several family secrets in 1994 and makes an effort to reconcile the bond between her mother and grandmother. However, does she have the ability to mend the relationship, which has been difficult for many years? Will Allegra be capable of achieving her goals, or will her aspirations be dashed?

The program is ideal for children and teenagers. The show has a lot of witty and entertaining moments, and since it’s a musical, viewers may also find some great tunes for their playlist. The first season of Intertwined will undoubtedly carry over into the future second and third seasons.

Intertwined Season 2 Cast & Crew

We won’t lose characters from season to season because the show is focused on families. While the full list of new cast members for season two is still unknown, we do know who will be returning from season one.

Allegra Sharp is portrayed by Carolina Domenech, and the singing portions are voiced by Zory Kalchev. Caterina Sharp is portrayed by Clara Alonso and Manuela Menendez as the characters from 2021 and 1994, respectively, with the voice of the character being provided by Gilli Messer.

Cindy Robinson provides the voice for Elena Roger as Amelia “Coco” Sharp, while Lucila Gandolfo plays Lucia Sharp. With Ryan Cargill providing the voice, Jose Gimenez Zapiola plays Marco Resco. Greta is also portrayed by Tatiana Glikman (1994) and Paula Morales (2021), with Jessica Rookeward providing the voice for the role.

Moreover, Felix is portrayed by Kevsho with Charles Gonzales providing the voice, while Diego is portrayed by Benjamin Amadeo (2021) and Manuel Ramos (1994). Similar to season one, Barbara Diz will be played by Berenice Gandullo (2021) and Abril Suliansky (1994), and Alan will once more be portrayed by Simon Hempe with Jacob Vigil providing the voice.

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Additional actors in the cast include Maximo Ruiz as Camilo, Magela Zanotta as Miriam, Fabio Aste as Tomas Diz, Favio Posca as Mike, and Rodrigo Pedreira as Franco.

Jorge Edelstein wrote the script for the program, and Sergei Grosny served as the primary composer. The director of photography is Santiago Guzman, and the principal editors are Inti Nieto, Julian Garro, and Luciano Sosa. Fernando Barbosa, Leonardo Aranguibel, Cecilia Mendonça, Gabe Bossi, and Pol Bossi are the executive producers.

Intertwined Season 1 summary

The tale of Allegra, a 16-year-old girl who loves musical comedies and aspires to be the lead actress in the musical theatre company Eleven O’Clock in Freaky Friday like her grandma CoCo, is intertwined.

Allegra one day discovers herself in 1994 as a result of a curious bracelet in the room, which is why her mother and grandmother’s arguments throughout the years had flipped the tables to a rough patch. Her mother started her career with Eleven O’Clock in this year when she was about the same age as Allegra is now. By carefully studying her family’s past, Allegra works to unite her family in order to create a better future.

What happened at Intertwined season 1 end?

The resolution of the family issues at the conclusion of Intertwined season 1 is rather comforting, and Allegra expresses a desire to meet her mother and grandmother when her journey is through. In contrast, Caterina also admits and confronts CoCo in 1994, and Lucia tells Allegra her important secret.

Intertwined Season 2 Release Date

There is a lot of drama and imagination in the show. A little girl who is striving to comprehend her life and the people in it is the main character. She is returning to the past in an effort to repair the bonds that her mother and grandmother maintain, but can she truly alter the present?

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With Intertwined’s release on November 12, 2021, fans have been anticipating the second season. As a result, Intertwined season 2 has been announced. The second season of Intertwined will premiere in 2023, as was officially revealed. Readers and fans can rejoice as season 3 of Intertwined has also been confirmed.

The third season of Intertwined was also revealed in June 2022. So, the third season of Intertwined will probably air in 2024, and season 2 of Interest will premiere in 2023. They can binge-watch Intertwined’s first season in the meanwhile.

Where can I watch Intertwined Season 2?

While being wonderful to watch and enjoy, series like Intertwined can occasionally be difficult to locate due to their lack of accessibility to top-tier streaming services. Thankfully, Intertwined is an exception to this rule since it is a Disney property and can only be seen on Disney+.

Trailer for Intertwined Season 2

There isn’t a trailer for Intertwined Season 2 yet, but keep checking back in the coming months!

Many viewers looking for a family fun comedy and fantasy series will be able to relate to Intertwined as it resembles a modern-day fairy tale. Today’s top entertainment is demonstrated by this series. People will enjoy or loathe this series centered on their taste in material, yet liking it is still largely objective. Hence, Intertwined is the program for you if you want to enjoy a light, family fantasy Disney series.