Interview With The Vampire Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, And Everything We Know Far


The last episode of the first season of Interview with the Vampire on AMC was a lot of fun, just like the first seven episodes. This version of Anne Rice’s first book in The Vampire Chronicles, which is a classic, kept the spooky Gothic tone of the book while making some changes to the canon that helped clarify the story’s timeline and made a point about how memories can change and be selective.

The last episode of Interview With The Vampire on AMC gave fans a lot to think about. The supernatural gay romance went crazy when Lestat (Sam Reid), who was thought to be dead, was found to be alive at the last minute.

But the show didn’t end without leaving us with unanswered questions and managing to keep us on the edge of our seats for the second season, which has already been announced. In the first season of the show, only part of the book with the same name was adapted. This left room for Season 2 to adapt the rest of the book and look at other books in Anne Rice’s series to bring them to life.

Will there be a second season of Interview With the Vampire?

AMC picked up Interview With the Vampire for a second season before the first season even started. They really want Louis and Lestat to be together, y’all.

In the official press release announcing the renewal of Interview With the Vampire, producer Mark Johnson said, “The chance to return to the enthusiastic and shocking world of Louis, Lestat, and Claudia is too good to pass up.” “We will gladly enter the door that AMC has so kindly decided to open for us and give you a season 2 that makes the most of Anne Rice’s gifts.”

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Interview with the Vampire season 2 cast

There are only three people we know for sure are still alive today, but we won’t say who they are yet in case it gives anything away. But even those who do not even end up making it to now will show up in flashbacks to earlier parts of the show. With that in mind, the following cast members will be back for season two:

• Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac
• Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt
• Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy
• Bailey Bass as Claudia
• Assad Zaman as Rashid/Armand

Even though Lestat died in the season one finale, we will definitely see Sam Reid again. Even if he doesn’t show up much in the show’s two main timelines, Lestat’s backstory from The Vampire Lestat, the second novel in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, could be used to add a third time period in season two.

In season two, the show will move from New Orleans to different (sexy) cities in Europe, and there will be a lot of new characters to add to the mix.

What Happens in the ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 1 Finale?

In the last episode, Claudia (Bailey Bass) convinces Lestat to organize an event before they leave New Orleans for good. She tells him that drinking the blood of a person who is dying will kill the vampire who drinks it. Even though Antoinette (Maura Grace Athari) makes a big mistake, Claudia’s plan mostly works, except for one important thing: Claudia and Louis (Jacob Anderson) don’t manage to get rid of Lestat’s body completely. Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) notices that Claudia’s diary is missing several pages.

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This makes it clear to him that Louis is leaving out an important part of what happened next. Louis says that he and the other man killed Lestat, and that Louis cut Lestat’s throat and put him in his coffin in the cemetery.

Based on how Louis informs this story, this is where his tryst with Lestat ends. But, as Daniel rightfully pointed out, Louis’s way of getting rid of Lestat is glaringly wrong because he let him end up dying in a place full of rats that he could eat to get stronger. So, it’s very likely that the omitted pages told about Louis and Claudia’s fight about this very issue. In the last few minutes of the show, Louis reaches out from his coffin to feed on rats, which proves that this is true.

Interview With The Vampire Season 2 Plot

Louis and Claudia are on their way to Europe at the end of Season 1, and AMC has confirmed that this is where Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire will take place. “Bulgaria. Romania. Paris. (Ah Paris!) San Francisco. The Big Easy. Dubai. In a statement to AMC, showrunner Rolin Jones said, “The writing staff of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire is honored, humbled, and eager to add more stamps to our vampires’ passport books.”

We don’t know much about the plot just yet. You can always read Rice’s 1976 book or watch the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire to get an idea of what will happen when Louis and Claudia go to Europe. Yes, there are a few differences between the original book and the different versions of it, but if the basic plot stays the same, Season 2 will introduce a new group of vampires.

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Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Release Date

Interview with the Vampire has been picked up for a second season by AMC before the first season even started. Does this mean that season 2 of Interview will be on TV sooner than it might have been otherwise? Most likely, yes!

At the moment, we don’t have any hard evidence to go on, and AMC hasn’t said when the second season will be made. But there’s no reason to think they won’t be capable of getting it back on the air for a release next year, perhaps. AMC usually moves quickly, and Interview with the Vampire has already been picked up for a second season even though it only has eight episodes. Interview with the Vampire should come out in late 2023, preferably again around Halloween.

Where can I watch Interview with the Vampire?

On AMC+, you can stream Season 1 of Interview with the Vampire.

Is Interview with the Vampire Scores Worth Watching?

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