Invincible: the movie goes on despite the series


Robert Kirkman has addressed Invincible movie, the film production that will show the hero of the comics and will do so with a live-action film, instead of using animation. And it is that with the announcement of the television version of Amazon Prime Video, the public began to fear that it would supplant the film project that appeared in 2017.

“It’s still in development. That hasn’t changed. We’re just taking our time.” Kirkman told THAT ONE, “But we are fortunate to have two plans for Invincible. Now we have the Amazon animated series, which is very close, and we are developing the film with Universal, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg joining the project. So both things are taking place at the same time, which is quite a funny thing, I guess. But there have been Spider-Man animation series and movies at the same time. So I think we’re in good hands. “

Recently, Kirkman announced during a streaming session celebrating the 18th anniversary of the launch of the first issue under Image Comics the arrival date of the first season, of 8 episodes, will appear weekly on Amazon Prime, although the first three will arrive on 26 March, so that the “broadcast” lasts until April 30.

Source: Comicbook

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