Invisible City Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far


After its first season on Netflix, Invisible City quickly became a fan favorite. It took audiences to a world where Brazilian folklore and modern city life meet in surprising ways. The plot features detective Eric as he looks into a strange death in the city. This leads him to find a hidden world of mythological creatures and spirits. Many fans can’t wait for a second season to come out because of the show’s interesting plot, interesting characters, and stunning visuals.

Invisible City is a Brazilian fantasy streaming TV show made for Netflix and made by Carlos Saldanha. Along with Renata Grynszpan, Caito Ortiz, Maresa Pullman, Marco Anton, Francesco Civita, and Beto Gauss, Saldanha is also the show’s executive producer.

On February 5, 2021, the first season of the show began. The show got mixed to good reviews, and on the same day, it was one of the top 10 most popular shows in 12 different countries. After hearing good things about the show, Netflix decided to give it a second season, which will start on March 2, 2021.

What is Invisible City about?

The first episode of Invisible City, a Brazilian supernatural drama series, came out on Netflix in 2021. There are 7 episodes in the first season. Eric (Marco Pigossi), a Brazilian environmental police officer who is looking into the death of his wife Gabriela, is the main character of the series (Julia Konrad). Gabriela was killed in the forests of Rio de Janeiro by an animal that people think has died out. As Eric learns more about Gabriela’s death, he finds a hidden world of Brazilian folklore creatures like the Curupira, the Saci, and the Iara.

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Eric also meets a group of people who are trying to stop humans from using these creatures for their own gain. This group includes Ines (Alessandra Negrini), a powerful shaman who becomes Eric’s guide in this world, and Camila (Jessica Córes), a young journalist who is looking into the same case as Eric.

Eric has a hard time dealing with his wife’s death and the secrets she kept from him throughout the season. He also learns about the complicated relationship between people and the supernatural creatures that live with them. As Eric and his new friends try to find out what happened to Gabriela, they get caught in a dangerous web of greed, corruption, and dark magic.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of ‘Invisible City’ Season 2?

Even though there hasn’t been an official announcement about the cast yet, we’re pretty sure that Marco Pigossi will be back as Eric, along with other major cast members. Depending on how essential their roles are in the main story, Camila (Jessica Córes), Inês (Alessandra Negrini), and Cico (José Dumont) may also come back. Fabiana (Tainá Medina), who went into labor in the first season, also could come back with a new baby.

Invisible City Season 2 Story

At the conclusion of the initial season, there were a lot of loose ends. Since the show was picked up for a second season, we know that our questions will be answered. Eric was capable of entering the realm of the gods in the first season.

We’ll probably go into the supernatural world in Season 2 to find out what Eric does in order to get back to living. Is Eric okay? Does anyone know where he is? Is there any chance that he will come back to life? When the gateway finally opens, in season 2, a much bigger mystery will be solved.

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We had given up believing that Eric still was alive when he had a vision of his late wife Gabriella, who told him that his journey had not yet ended in death. The way the conversation is going, it sounds like the souls of people who were killed by the Dry Body go somewhere else to wander until they finish any business they had left on Earth.

Invisible City Season 2 Trailer

Netflix hasn’t put out the Invisible City trailer or teaser yet, but you can check out the trailer for the first season on either YouTube or Netflix. The first time, a creature that looks pink is recognized by the show. Then, when superpowers start to show up, the trailer for Invisible Town takes an interesting turn that leaves the cast with more questions than answers.


After its first season was put on Netflix, the show’s popularity went through the roof. It shows what Detective Eric does as he looks into a strange death in the city and finds a secret world where mythical creatures and supernatural beings live. Marco Pigossi, Manuela Dieguez, and Alessandra Negrini are all returning cast members.

Two of the show’s original stars, Pigossi and Negrini, will be back to play the same roles they had in the first season, as shown in the trailer. There were a lot of questions left unanswered at the conclusion of the first season, but now that the show has been picked up for a second season, we can be sure that they will be answered.