IO Interactive is already working on more Hitman content and games


We do not know if the sales of Hitman 3 have had something to do with today’s announcement or not. But what is clear is that Agent 47 still has a lot of work ahead of him.

And it is that IO Interactive (which will expand its study to also work on Project 007) has confirmed that they are already working on new content (and games) of the saga. And best of all, they have specified more than you would expect, considering that the latest installment was released on January 20, 2021.

The information has come through an interview that The Gamer medium has conducted, exclusively, with the executive producer of IO Interactive, Forest Swartout Large. What was your response when asked if the closing of this latest trilogy left the door open for more adventures? Something concise but very direct: “We are continuously working on Hitman, so we are already looking to the future.”.

In any case, as we were advancing, his statements have gone one step further. And it has even confirmed that they are working on patches and DLC content for Hitman 3 himself. What kind? According to the producer, we should not expect new levels like the bank of New York or the private island. Rather, it could be locations from the last three games but reimagined for the occasion.

On the other hand, The Gamer’s coverage should be taken into account, since it is having important exclusives in recent days. Without going any further, recently we have learned new and interesting details of the next James Bond game created by IO Interactive.

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And apparently, the studio could be considering creating a trilogy. In addition, it was confirmed that the agent of this Project 007 will not be based on any of the actors that we have seen in the film saga.