Is Henry Cavill working on a Mass Effect movie or series?


Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Geralt de Rivia in the series The Witcher or Superman in his latest films, has been able to reveal “unintentionally” that is involved in a project related to the Mass Effect video game saga.

On his official Instagram account, Henry Cavill has uploaded a photo of himself with the message “Secret project?“with a heap of papers clutched in his hands. The paper in the foreground seems to contain nonsensical words … but what happens when you take a closer look?

IGN has used a program called Focus Magic to edit the image so that the content of that sheet can be seen more clearly, which incorporates words like Cerberus, Tali’Zorah and Geth. All of them related to the Mass Effect universe created by BioWare.

Mass Effect movie or series starring Henry Cavill?

From now on it only has to be theorized, since there is no official information about it. Fans of the Mass Effect franchise have quickly realized that this information from the sheet held by Henry Cavill It seems taken directly from the Wikipedia page of the video game Mass Effect 3.

It is not the first time that this franchise has been related to cinema or series. At the end of the 2000s there was already talk of a possible Mass Effect movie and in 2010 Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to the franchise.

Is this proof that Henry Cavill will play beloved Commander Shepard in a Mass Effect adaptation for the big or small screen?

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