Is one of the most important franchises in literature and cinema coming to Fortnite?


If there is anyone who knows about epic collaborations, that is Fortnite. The battle royale made crossovers a registered trademark and players expect, week after week, a new announcement that surpasses the previous one. Now a fact within the same game anticipated what could be the next crossover with a very popular franchise.

In the game you can see a sand castle that in recent days It took a very similar shape to Helm’s Deep, one of the most iconic locations in The Lord of the Rings.. For all those familiar with the franchise, this space appears in the second book and in the movie The Two Towers, where one of the most important battles in history was fought.

The information was revealed by Chinaone of the insiders of the best known game. “Epic is currently teasing a Lord of the Rings collaboration on the Island! Rock Kid is building this on the beach right now, and there are SO many similarities between this sandcastle and a LotR castle!” he noted in a tweet where he compared both images and the resemblance is evident.

But this would not be all that the battle royale is preparing. According to what the same profile highlighted, from Epic they would be working on several collaborations that would arrive in a short time. Among the various franchises he mentioned are Doom, Family Guy y Destiny. In addition, he highlighted that one of these appearances would land next week in the game.

Of course, all these news for now are just rumors. Although many times this type of leak or speculation ended up becoming a reality, it will be necessary to wait for official confirmation from Epic Games to get excited.

The reality is that this crossover could not come at a better time. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on September 2, the series that will be able to be seen on Prime Video and that it will show events prior to those that could be seen in the trilogy that opened with The Fellowship of the Ring.

Fortnite is currently carrying out its crossover with Dragon Ball. If bringing one of the most popular anime of all time to the game was not enough, the game proposal managed to make battle royale users fall in love. The possibility of launching a Kamehameha became one of the most prominent features of the collaboration that is going to run until September 17.

If you want to know all the details about the alliance between Fortnite and Dragon Ball, we will tell you in this note.


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