Is The Last of Us 2 multiplayer coming up? Naughty Dog is looking for employees in this field


Maybe the expected The Last of Us 2 multiplayer mode is closer if we consider the new job offer published by Naughty Dog, game development studio. For now we only know that they would work in this online mode as if it were a separate game, but few more details have been given about it.

This new job offer, specifically, find a multiplayer economy designer, that is, someone who helps design and plan the rewards awarded to users. In the announcement itself, the study comments that they are looking for a person capable of giving “longevity” to their games.

Is it about the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us: Part 2?

It is impossible to know if this job offer applies to the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us: Part 2, but it is likely. The offer does not say so, but it does say that the new worker would participate in the “Live Ops” team, which usually refers to existing games that seek to generate perpetual experiences or as a service.

There is no official information on the table but it was already confirmed, before the launch of the game, that The Last of Us 2 would not include the multiplayer mode that the first installment did incorporate, and that to this day it continues to be functional and very entertaining.

After these statements, a fuss broke out, with various members of the study stating that there would be an online mode in the future, others saying the opposite to finally confirm that it would be worked on as a separate title. We will have to wait, therefore, for more information.

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