ISI made Gorakhpur man a ‘terrorist’ through sex worker, you will be stunned by the story


New Delhi: Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI blackmailed an Indian Muslim widower from Karachi to meet his relatives using a sex worker to work for them. The ISI, notorious for sponsoring cross-border terrorism, used a sex worker from Karachi to blackmail Mohammad Arif, 51, a resident of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. These facts have come to light under the ‘Operation Gorakhdhandha’ jointly run by the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) and the Military Intelligence (MI) of Uttar Pradesh. Its purpose was to find out the recruitment of spies in India by the ISI unit in Karachi. Additional Director General of Police of ATS D.K. Thakur has confirmed that Arif was under house arrest. Also Read – Viral Video: Pakistan demolishes Hanuman temple, Hindu homes in Karachi, people said – Allah will not forgive …

Officials told IANS that in June, the MI unit received a secret notification from Jammu and Kashmir regarding suspicious activity on a mobile number in Gorakhpur. Then the Lucknow MI unit started action and kept a close watch on the suspect in Gorakhpur, a city of eastern UP near the Indo-Nepal border. MI has named this operation as ‘Operation Gorakhdhandha’. Also Read – Pakistan government declared former PM Nawaz Sharif a fugitive, contacted UK for extradition

After the input was confirmed electronically, the suspect was identified as Mohammed Arif, who had suspected links with Pakistan. The MI unit then shared all the findings with the UP ATS in the first week of July and a joint team was formed to investigate the matter. After gathering enough evidence, the UP ATS team questioned the suspect Mohammad Arif on Friday at the ATC headquarters in Lucknow. Also Read – Abu Yusuf wanted to attack fidayeen in Delhi’s congested area, huge amount of explosive material recovered

Sources said that during interrogation, the suspect shared full details of recruitment by ISI in Pakistan. During interrogation, it was found that Arif’s wife, who runs a tea and breakfast shop in Gorakhpur, died in 2014. He has many relatives in Karachi, Pakistan. His sister Zarina is also married to Shahid, a resident of Karachi.

Arif visited Pakistan four times in 2014, 2016, 2017 and December 2018. During the last visit, two Pakistani ISI officers, Fahd and Rana, came to Karachi as their visa officers. Later, he grew up and went around like a friend to Arif in malls, beaches, restaurants around Karachi city and had lunch and dinner with him.

10 days before Arif returned to India, Fahd and Rana Akil took her to a safe house and offered her the services of a young and beautiful sex worker there. The widower could not resist this temptation and accepted the offer. Later it was revealed that his antics with the sex worker were being captured on that night in several cameras.

While Arif came to India, Fahd and Rana gave him a chit of his ‘+92’ mobile number. After coming to Gorakhpur, Arif got a call on WhatsApp from the same number. The caller, Fahad, asked Arif to ask for Kushalshekam and save his number.

After a few days, Fahd again called and asked him to send pictures of Jaffra Bazaar in Gorakhpur. After this, Fahd asked him to send pictures of Gorakhpur Air Force Station, for which Arif refused. Then the ISI agent sent him video-photos of the sex worker and started blackmailing him. He was told that if he does not do his work, then he will deliver all this to his sister Zarina. After this, Arif shared the OTP and helped him create an Indian WhatsApp account. For this, he also took a sim in his name, which he removed.

Sources said that the ISI then used this WhatsApp account to reach Indian security personnel and get defense related information from them. With this number, WhatsApp groups were also formed by making many serving security personnel as members.

Arif told the interrogators that he had sent pictures of Gorakhpur railway station and Indian Air Force station’s main gateway and Kundra Ghat Military Station to his handler in Karachi. He also received 5,000 rupees for these photos. Arif has also revealed that he was also asked by two ISI agents to acquaint Indian soldiers or anyone who has access to the military establishment in India.

Unable to meet their demands, Arif escapes them and stops using the Internet. Meanwhile, he married Shama Parveen and aspired to live a hassle-free life with his second wife. On 14 July, he also formatted his phone. During the investigation of Arif’s mobile device, SIM card and other items, nothing has been found which can be presented as evidence in the court. Therefore, the investigators have decided to register the case only on the basis of his statements.

Considering Arif’s age, financial status and noticing that he realizes his wrongdoing and has not helped the ISI agents much, investigators let him go home after giving him advice and warning. “This case has exposed the evil intentions of the ISI against members of poor or lower-middle class Indian Muslim families who visit their relatives in different cities of Pakistan,” an official said.


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