It Takes Two features a very special Easter egg: the famous “fuck the Oscars” by Josef Fares


The Easter egg was born as a means of vindication of the creative process involved in a video game, at a time when the authors barely had visibility in their own developments. That spirit, surely quite distorted, seems to be present in one of the easter eggs hidden in the recent It Takes Two, a video game directed by the always controversial Josef Fares.

The director, who had already been making noise since the premiere of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, starred in one of the most popular scenes of the The Game Awards from 2017, yelling at the camera his famous: “Fuck the Oscars!”. Now, A week after the premiere of It Takes Two, it has been discovered that those same words are hidden in one of the sections of the space world.

Specifically, it is the portal that contains, at the top of a pile of cushions, a parabolic antenna capable of capturing radio emissions from outer space. Shortly after starting to move the antenna we will find a signal that contains the voice of Dr. Hakim’s book. That message insists on the core discourse of the game, cooperation. But it turns out If we turn the satellite dish about 180º we will find another signal, quite different, in which we will be able to hear good old Josef Fares delivering his popular harangue anti-Oscars.

Fares is a director who can fall better or worse, one of those characters who do not usually leave anyone indifferent. But there is no doubt that it is full of imagination, something that It is demonstrated in It Takes Two through the multitude of playable ideas that it unfolds throughout the adventure. On this occasion, that imagination has served to creating a meta joke that many won’t get and that others will consider in bad taste. What cannot be denied is that it is the most original.

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