James Cameron criticizes the Marvel and DC Universe when talking about Avatar 2: “They act like they’re in college”


Avatar: Sense of Water director James Cameron has shared that one of the biggest differences between the first Avatar and the sequel is that Zoe and Sam are parents and it changes them to have children. According to Cameron, their love contrasts with that of the Marvel and DC cinematic universesas those heroes “act like they’re in college” when it comes to relationships.

Cameron spoke to The New York Times and was asked about this difference, explaining that becoming a father means you see the world in a whole new way and you have to think much more about your actions, as you now live for more than yourself. same.

Becoming a parent changes everything, and Cameron thinks the MCU and DCEU need to explore that.

“Zoe and Sam are now playing parents, 15 years later,” said Cameron. “In the first movie, Sam’s character jumps off his flying creature and basically changes the course of history as a result of this crazy, near-suicidal leap of faith. And Zoe’s character jumps off a branch and assumes there’s going to be some nice big leaves down there that can break their fall. But when you’re a parent, you don’t think like that. So for me, as a parent of five, I say, “What happens when those characters mature and realize they have one more responsibility?” beyond his own survival?

As Cameron mentions, this story, in a sense, mirrors his own life, as when he was younger he took a lot of risks that he “wouldn’t take now” because he wants to be there for his children for a long time. However, this is not the only reason, since it also wants to explore relationships in a way that other movies don’t big budget.

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“When I see these big, spectacular movies, I’m looking at you, Marvel and DC, no matter what age the characters are, they all act like they’re in college,” Cameron said. “They have relationships, but they don’t really have them. They never think about their children. The things that really make us grow and give us power and love and purpose? Those characters don’t experience it, and I think that’s not the way to make films”.

Cameron also believes this focus on fatherhood and children will resonate not only with actors, but with the younger audience who hopes you come to see its sequel.

“I knew while I was writing it that Sam and Zoe were new parents and that these things were going to resonate with them, but if you’re targeting a young audience, let them feel validated by the fact that kids from another planet, inside 200 years, they’re going through the same shit they’re going through now,” Cameron said.

Avatar: Sense of Water will be released in theaters on December 16, 2022. If you want to know more, check out Cameron’s thoughts and why he said Avatar haters shut up when they rewatch the first movie.