James Gunn explains that DC is creating a new Universe that will tell “the greatest story ever told” in several projects


The new CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, has taken to Twitter after seeing many tweets looking forward to the return of Legends of Tomorrow and other projects, and wanted to share that, although the team is open to “everything as we embark on this journey “, the initial focus of the study is on “the story that is going to move forward, building the new DCU and telling the Greatest Story Ever Told across multiple movies, TV series and animated projects.”

Gunn, who shares the duties of CEO of DC Studios with producer Peter Safran, wanted to open up about the future of DC and the different wishes of so many fans around the world, including those who want the canceled Legends of Tomorrow to return or that DC released David Ayer’s cut of the original Suicide Squad, just like they did with Zack Snyder and his Justice League.

Looks like those hoping for #SaveLegendsofTomorrow and #ReleaseTheAyerCut will have to wait a bit longer.

“I opened Twitter at the end of a long and creative weekend to see the many tweets for #SaveLegendsofTomorrow and #ReleaseTheAyerCut and the fan support for other DC projects over the years. Most of these requests were enthusiastic and respectful,” Gunn said. “As the new (and first) CEOs of DC Studios, Peter and I think it’s important that we acknowledge you, the fans, and let you know that we hear your differing wishes for the paths forward for DC.”

Gunn has been quite active and vocal on social media over the years, but this new role obviously keeps him a lot busier than usual. Nonetheless, wanted to give these fans an idea of ​​where the head of the studio is and what his current mission is.

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“While our ability to interact on Twitter has been reduced due to the workload of our new roles, we are listening and open to all as we embark on this journey, and will continue to do so for years to come,” Gunn said. “But all of our initial focus is on the story that’s going to follow, building the new DCU, and telling the greatest story ever told across multiple movies, TV series, and animated projects. We invite all DC fandoms from all over the multiverse (and everyone else too) into this new universe. We can’t wait to reveal more.”

Gunn will handle the creative side of DC Studios and Safran will handle the business side of the company. Gunn will continue to direct movies as CEO, with the initial deal expected to last at least four years.

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