James Gunn responds to criticism of his plan for DC, stating that he was aware of this “turbulent period”


Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken the reins at DC Studios, the plans for the future of the DCEU are a bit clearer. Y some of those ideas have not been well receiveda “turbulent period” that Gunn expected.

The rumor mill is in full swing as the changes to the DCEU have led to a ton of rumors among fans and major reports about the upcoming cast of superheroes. As the new leaders outline plans for the next era of DC film projects, DC Studios Co-Chairman and CEO, James Gunn, is busy trying to debunk some theories and confirming (or hinting at) others..

Some of Gunn and Safran’s ideas have not always been well received, but they were aware that “a certain minority of people on the Internet” were going to be “outrageous and obnoxious.”

Independent of those who express their frustrations in the most horrible ways, Gunn explained that his decisions are made with sincerity.: Your complete thread on Twitter says so:

“One of the things that Peter and I were aware of when we took over as directors of DC Studios was that a certain minority of people on the Internet could be, at the very least, rowdy and obnoxious.

Our decisions for the DCEU are based on what we think is best for the story and for the characters of DC, who have been around for nearly 85 years. Those choices may be great, they may not, but are made with sincerity, integrity and always with history in mind.

No one likes to be harassed or insulted, but to be honest, we’ve been through much worse. Disrespectful protests will never affect our actions.

We were aware that there would be a turbulent period when we took on this job, and we knew that sometimes we would have to make difficult and not-so-obvious decisions, especially given the rebellious nature of what came before us.

But this means little to us compared to our work as artists and custodians to help create a vast and wonderful future for DC.”

Some of the Biggest changes for the DCEU to date include the end of Wonder Woman 3 with director Patty Jenkin and Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill’s continuation as Superman in Man of Steel 2. News of Cavill’s departure caused quite a stir among fans, as that the actor had just announced his return to the DCEU weeks before.

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The news about the Snyderverse originated with an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter about Wonder Woman, which also references a rumor. on the end of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. The report prompted a lengthy statement from Gunn, who wrote: “Some things are true, some are half-true, some are not, and some we haven’t decided yet if they’re true or not.”

Regardless of what is true or not in terms of the DCEU rumors, Gunn was willing to clarify some details after his Twitter thread. When a user asked about plans to recast the entire DCEU mainline, Gunn called it a “false theory”and said they weren’t doing it with everyone “except the Suicide Squad.”

DCEU fans should expect more big news for this universe thanks to the new leadership. Gunn and Safran were named heads of DC Studios in October, shortly after producer Walter Hamada’s departure. According to Gunn, his and Safran’s long-term plan for the future of the DCEU is already finalized, and they will share new details in 2023.