James Gunn reveals that he has met with Ben Affleck to direct a new DC movie


James Gunn has revolutionized the DC universe, and all in a series of tweets. In addition to announcing that he and co-chairman Peter Safran have completed their master plan for DCGunn also revealed that met with Ben Affleck to discuss the possibility of directing a DC movie.

James Gunn has announced that he already has the plan for DC ready and that he will reveal more details next year. One of the projects Gunn has announced is a Superman movie starring a younger Kal-L and focusing on his early days as a reporter. As a result, Henry Cavill won’t play Supermansomething that the actor has already confirmed.

Gunn will write the film, but will not direct it. When asked if Ben Affleck, who played Bruce Wayne in DC’s Snyderverse movies, could direct, Gunn revealed that met with Affleck to discuss the possibility of directing a DC movie. “We just have to find the right project,” Gunn says.

In addition to being an actor and screenwriter, Affleck has also been a director on films such as Goodbye little girl, goodbye, The Town (City of thieves) and Argo, for which won the best film award. Affleck’s movies tend to focus on true crime, though they also have intense action sequences.

Although Cavill won’t return as Superman, Affleck will appear in the next Flash movie as one of the Batmans, alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton movies. The story deals with multiple timelinesthus allowing and justifying the existence of multiple Batmans.

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Beyond that, her future at DC could be over, as both Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 movie are apparently hanging around. apart from the new DC universe being created by James Gunn and Peter Safran. This move would signal the end of the Snyderverse, as the new bosses at DC Studios are starting a whole new universe.

Keep in mind that Matt Reeves’ Batman universe, starring Robert Pattinson, is already preparing sequels and spin-offs. Reeves’ project will also be separate from Gunn’s plans for DC, something Gunn already confirmed earlier this week on Twitter.