January 1: The day when the ‘Emperor Ashoka’ aircraft of Air India was seized at sea with 213 people

Today’s History: Today people are celebrating the new year. People are welcoming 2021 (New Year 2021). There is always an atmosphere of celebration on the occasion of New Year, but there was a year when desolation took place in the country on the first day of the year. A sad incident is also recorded on a January day. In the year 1978, a plane of Air India was merged with 213 passengers on this day. Also Read – On the first day of 2021, special Aarti took place in the morning at Assi Ghat in Kashi, see VIDEO

The Boeing 747 aircraft named Samrat Ashok crashed due to a mechanical malfunction just moments after it took off from the international airport in Bombay (now Mumbai). There were 190 passengers and 23 crew members on board. Shortly after the incident, it was feared that it might be part of a conspiracy, but an investigation into the wreckage of the plane from the sea proved that it was an accident. The country was shocked by this incident. Also Read – Deepika Padukone Social Media: Deepika deleted all her social media posts on the new year, shock the fans

The sequence of details of the few days and incidents of the first day of the year recorded in the history of the country is like this. Also Read – Bollywood New Year 2021: From Amitabh to Priyanka Chopra, New Year Bollywood stars did something like ‘Welcome’

1664: Shivaji Maharaj started the Surat campaign.

1804: Haiti declares its independence from France.

1862: Indian Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code implemented. It was approved on 6 October 1860.

1880: Introduction of money order system.

1925: Establishment of Bell Laboratories as the research arm of the American Telephone and Telegraph.

1948: India complained to Pakistan at the United Nations that it was sending attackers to the Kashmir Valley.

1959: Rebel fighters led by Fidel Kasro overthrown Cuban dictator Flugencio Batista and had to flee.

1978: Air India plane crashed into the sea.

1984: Brunei, the smallest Asian country declared independence from Britain. Due to its oil and natural gas reserves, this country with a population of two lakhs earns billions of dollars every year and has the highest per capita income in the whole of Asia.

1992: Celebrating New Year’s Eve, at least 91 people died after consuming poisonous liquor in Bombay (now Mumbai).

2011: Oprah Winfrey Network launched.

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