Japan, US and many other countries are coming with India against aggressive China on many fronts

New Delhi: On the one hand, while China is showing aggression against LAC against India, on the other hand it is showing its arrogance by violating Taiwan’s air border in South China Sea. Not only India, its other neighbors Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan are also angry with China’s antics. In view of such activities of China, many countries are now coming closer and are making strategic alliances against it. The more aggression China is showing, the more it is against it, many countries are coming together to formulate a strategy to meet the Chinese challenges in the future. In such a situation, China has to understand its serious situation. The day the countries of these alliances stand together against China, they will have to be ready to see bad results. Also Read – People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China handed over 5 missing men from Arunachal to India: report

Recently there has been an agreement with Japan with India. At the same time, India and the United States have decided that Japan and Australia will also be included for the quadrennial consultation. Anti-China strategic agreements have been signed with the Quad nations, Australia and the US. After Japan’s agreement with India, France-Australia-India agreement can also be included in the list. Also Read – Steve Smith’s Concussion Test Will Be Again; Confusion over playing in second ODI against England

Not only India, its other neighbors Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan are also angry with China’s antics. These countries want to move forward on a possible strategy against China. China’s tensions with the United States and Australia are also at its peak. South Korea and France also want to join the strategy being made against China. Also Read – EngvAus: Australia beat England in the first ODI on the basis of Hazelwood-Jampa’s superb bowling

Agreement with Japan after many years of negotiations
After negotiations over the past several years, on December 10, India and Japan signed a landmark agreement for the exchange of supplies and services between the armed forces of the two countries. The agreement was signed by Indian Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar and Japanese Ambassador Suzuki Satoshi on Wednesday. The agreement talks about creating a framework for closer cooperation, exchange of information and the use of each other’s military facilities by the armed forces of the two countries. The agreement comes at a time when there is a tense situation between India and China on the border.

Agreement on Supply and Services between Self-Defense Forces
Both agreed that the agreement would further enhance defense cooperation between the two countries and help maintain peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region. A statement issued by the Japanese Foreign Ministry stated that the agreement would promote closer cooperation between the armies of the two countries. It said, it is expected that this agreement will facilitate smooth and speedy exchange of supplies and services between the Self-Defense Forces of Japan and the Indian Armed Forces.

India has already signed with America, France and Singapore
The Ministry of Defense said that the agreement will increase mutual cooperation between the Armed Forces of India and Japan, as well as further enhance bilateral defense activities under the special strategic and global partnership between the two countries. India has already signed such agreements with the US, France and Singapore.

India-US agreed to improve quadrilateral consultation
India and the United States agreed on September 11 that they would try to improve quadrilateral consultation with Australia and Japan. In the online meeting, various bilateral issues, regional and multilateral issues, elimination of Kovid-19, the fight against terrorism, the recent stir in the border areas of South Asia and Indo-Pacific region were discussed. According to a statement issued by the State Department, the US underscored the importance of India’s status as a ‘significant defense partner’, cooperation between the armies and other defense priorities.

Welcome to the US-India wide global strategic partnership
In this meeting held in the midst of Indo-US 2 + 2 Ministerial Dialogue, both sides welcomed the opportunity to discuss the US-India wide global strategic partnership. He also welcomed the closeness that has come in various dimensions of the relationship.

China announced new restrictions on US diplomats
China has announced new restrictions on the activities of US diplomats working in China and Hong Kong and termed it a reasonable step in response to a similar ban on Chinese diplomats in the US last year. In an online statement issued late on Friday, September 10, a foreign ministry spokesman said the rule would apply to senior diplomats and other personnel of the US embassy in Beijing and consulates throughout China. The Chinese spokesman said, “Once again, we appeal to the US to rectify its mistakes and remove unreasonable restrictions on the Chinese embassy and its personnel and China will also take steps on the American side.” However, information about new restrictions has not been given yet. US diplomats already have restrictions on access to any part of China and access to college campuses.

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