Jason Momoa reveals new details about the history of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom while stating: “I will always be Aquaman”


Jason Momoa has shared some details of the plot of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in addition to stating: “I will always be Aquaman”.

Speaking to Variety, Momoa has commented that the sequel to Aquaman (2018) will have a much more focused approach to reality and that instead of a “far away galaxy” or “aliens” coming to destroy humanity, it will be us doing the harm.

“the beautiful [de Aquaman y el Reino Perdido] It’s that my partner and I wrote the first part, about 55 pages long, and a lot of it has to do with me talking to the UN about what’s going on with the melting,” Momoa said. “There is no galaxy far away that is coming to destroy us. nor aliens from another place. We are the ones who are ruining our planet. We have to agree and save our home“.

Momoa was also asked about his “wonderful” meeting with DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran and his future in the DCEU. There are many rumors that claim that will abandon his trident to remain in the world of DC as the bounty hunter Lobo. No matter what, Momoa says that he will always be Aquaman.

“I’ll always be Aquaman. There’s no one to come and take shit,” Momoa said. “There may be other characters too. I can also interpret other things. I can be funny and wild and charming.”

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Momoa opened up a bit more about his meeting with Gunn and Safran on his Instagram account, and he seemed to be in high spirits. Although still it’s unclear what was said behind those closed doors, Momoa left happy.

I have great news, great news with Warner Bros.. Amazing. I wish I could tell you, but that’s as far as I can go. Peter [Safran], I love you. James [Gunn], I love you. David [Zaslav]. Well… For the future, for the future,” said the actor.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom it’s just one of the 60 great movies we can’t wait to see in 2023joining an up-and-coming group of films that includes Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Mission Impossible: Death Judgment, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate, and many more.