JavaScript is the most used language (for the 10th year in a row) and Clojure the highest paid in the 2022 Stack Overflow survey


Stack Overflow is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool for disseminating knowledge in the world of development, an online community of reference. And, for several years, also the mega-survey it carries out annually with its millions of users is a referencewhich allows us to draw a series of conclusions about the sector —its current circumstances and its evolution— worldwide.

And the 2022 edition, published just a few hours ago, yields a series of interesting results.

The programmer career in 2017 and in the future (with Javier Santana)

The programmer is the programmer and his circumstances

Demographically, the survey is skewed towards the US and Indian markets, which account for approximately 28% of the 70,000 responses received, although Spain is located (by the minimum) in the TOP10 of countries with 2.12% (below the Netherlands and above Italy).

Secondly, 91.88% of the survey participants are men… a figure that drops to 87.9% if we exclude professional developers and take into account only those who are still learning to program (which indicates a progressive increase in women among the new batches of developers).

Among professional developers, 42.98% work remotely and 42.44% work in hybrid work environments, which leaves only 14.58% of them working in 100% face-to-face mode.

how they learn

The percentage of developers who have learned to code using online resources has gone from 60% to almost 71% in one year. However, there is an understandable difference by age, since this percentage rises to 84.95% among those under 18 years of age.

Among those resources technical documentation and the Stack Overflow community predominated (above video courses and tutorials), Udemy being the most used platform for certified courses (66.49%), a long way from the next (Coursera, with 34.91%).

Fun fact: the majority of respondents (75%) have been working as professional developers for at most 14 years… which means that have never worked in a world without Stack Overflow.

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Most used languages ​​and technologies

It is said soon, but JavaScript is the most used language for the tenth year in a row in this study, although for trainee (non-professional) programmers, it is nearly tied with HTML/CSS and Python. Among the set of participants, the ranking is as follows:

  • JavaScript (65,36%)

  • HTML/CSS (55,08%)

  • SQL (49,43%)

  • Python (48,07%)

  • TypeScript (34,83%)

  • Java (33,27%)

  • Bash/Shell (29,07%)

  • C# (27,98%)

  • C++ (22,55%)

  • Frameworks web: Node.js and React.js have been ?by far? the two most used web technologies, with no difference between professional and trainee programmers.

  • IDEs / Code Editors: Visual Studio Code is the favorite in the guild, with 74.48%, far behind its older brother Visual Studio (32.15%), IntelliJ (27.97%) and alternatives such as Notepad++, Vim or Android Studio .

  • Databases: leadership is held by MySQL with 46.85%, followed closely by PostgreSQL with 43.59%, while in terms of the use of cloud platforms, AWS leads with a comfortable 51% advantage, while its Rivals Azure and Google Cloud are nearly tied at around 26-28%.

  • Other development tools: NPM (65.17%) and Docker (63.72%) lead the ranking, followed at a distance by others such as Yarn, Homebrew or Kubernetes.

  • Communication tools: we find Jira Work Management leading in the ranking of asynchronous tools (49.47%) and Zoom (56.08%) in the synchronous one.

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The most ‘liked’ and ‘loved’ languages

If we compare the above ranking with what Stack Overflow calls the ‘most loved languages’ (those that developers use and want to continue using) and the most ‘loved’ languages ​​(those that do not use, but would like to have the opportunity to use), the radiograph is very different.

  • Beloved: Rust (86,7%), Elixir (75,46%), Clojure (75,23%), TypeScript (73,46%) y Julia (72,51%).

  • Dear ones: Rust (17,6%), Python (17,59%), TypeScript (17, 03%) y Go (16,41%).

…and the best paid

The programming language whose knowledge is better paid in the market is Clojurewith the median salary of language experts rising to $106,644, followed by $103,000 earned by language experts. Erlang.

F#, LISP y Ruby hold the following positions. Databases like DynamoDBcloud platforms such as Colocation and web frameworks like Phoenix they occupy, respectively, the TOP1 of best salaries in their categories.

For its part, the biggest median wage increases since 2021 they have occurred among experts in Flow, COBOL, Couchbase and IBM Cloud/Watson.


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