Jenna Jameson Says That Keto Is The Reason She Lost Weight Recently


Jenna Jameson Says That Keto Is The Reason She Lost Weight Recently:

Jenna Jameson is not taking any kind of medicine, which has led to more rumors about her changing body.

“A lot of individuals are talking about how much weight I’ve lost. “I’m just taking care of my health,” the former Playboy model, now 49, said in a video posted to Instagram on Monday, months after she received a diagnosis with an unknown disease.

Jenna Jameson Said In A Short Video That She Does Intermittent Fasting:

“I’m back on keto again. It makes me feel very good, and since I’m doing some irregular fasting, I’m losing weight.” Jameson, who wore a purple bikini top as well as pink shorts within the video, said that she is “off all medication, so we love that.”

She didn’t say what medicine she’s no longer consuming, but she had written about her health problems while fighting an unknown disease for the majority of 2022.

How Does Fasting Every So Often Work?

This time, Jameson said that in addition to keto, she is “doing a little bit of intermittent fasting,” which is a popular way to eat. Intermittent fasting only lets you eat during certain times of the day.

To lose weight, people who follow this method must “fast” during the other hours. In an Instagram video, she said, “I would like to talk about a few things. I know that a lot of individuals are talking about how I’ve lost weight. I’m just taking care of myself.

Was The Actor’s Weight Loss Due To Fasting Every So Often?

I’m back on Keto because it makes me feel great, and I’m also doing some intermittent fasting, which is helping me lose weight. I’m also not taking any medicine, which is great for us.”

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The I Dream of Jenna star lost 80 pounds by following the exact same diet plan all through 2019 and into 2020. She then “ate everything and anything” for a while and started the diet plan again.

The Author Of “Love Service” Received A FDiagnosis Of Guillain-Barré Syndrome In January 2022:

The author of “Love Service” went to the hospital for the first time when she lost the ability to walk. She was identified with Guillain-Barré syndrome at that time, in January 2022.

But doctors later found out that wasn’t the problem and kept running tests. A few months later, Jameson said that she was “making strides” alongside the help of a walker, and she also confirmed that she wasn’t disabled.

But the mother of three 14-year-old twins, Jesse Jameson as well as Journey Jette, whom she shares alongside UFC star Tito Ortiz and a 6-year-old daughter, Batel Lu, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Lior Bitton, was adequate to walk down the aisle recently this year when she married Jessi Lawless.

Jameson Said In A Statement That We’re Still Trying To Figure Out What’s Going On:

She posted a picture of herself within April 2022, “I just can’t hold weight, so we’re still trying to figure out what’s going on, but as quickly as I find out, you’ll be the very first to know.” “Well, it might not be the first, but maybe the second or third.”

“I mean, I’m not walking precisely, but at least I’m up on my feet,” she penned at the time on Instagram. “Isn’t that cool? I feel much better.”

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But the mother of three 14-year-old twins, Jesse Jameson as well as Journey Jette, whom she shares with UFC star Tito Ortiz as well as a 6-year-old daughter, Batel Lu, whom she contributes with her ex-boyfriend Lior Bitton, got well enough to walk down the aisle and marry wife Jessi Lawless in May of this year.

Jameson Started The Keto Diet In March 2018:

Since then, the mom of three has been keeping track of how her body has changed, and she hasn’t been shy about sharing photos of her fit body.

Jameson has been trying to lose weight since December 2019, when she said she had gained 20 pounds after going off her keto diet for a few months. She began her keto diet within March 2018, and by cutting out carbs, she lost a huge 80 pounds.