Jenna Ortega Shuts Down Rumors That She Has Begun Dating Johnny Depp


Jenna Ortega Shuts Down Rumors That She Has Begun Dating Johnny Depp: 

Jenna Ortega recently went on Instagram to put an end to the ‘ridiculous’ rumors that she and star Johnny Depp are dating.

The 20-year-old star of “Wednesday,” who was seen shooting parts for “Beetlejuice 2” before the SAG-AFTRA protests, talked about the reports that started when the news site “DeuxMoi” said the two had been seen together.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor, who is 60 years old, has a rep who said something about his friendship alongside the 20-year-old Wednesday actress, or lack thereof. His representative said that upon September 2 that Mr. Depp has no private or business ties to Ms. Ortega. He’s never talked to her or met her.

He Can’t Believe That These Lies Are Being Spread About Him To Hurt His Image And Job:

He is not working on anything with her and has no plans to start. The representative for Depp also said, “He is appalled by these untrue rumors that are meant to hurt his reputation and career.”

The article also said that Ortega talked about the crazy claims upon her social media account. The Scream star allegedly wrote, “I can’t even laugh,” in a post upon her Instagram Story that has since been taken down.

I am unable to laugh at how silly this is. Ortega wrote something on her Instagram Story. I didn’t know Johnny Depp or worked with him. Stop telling lies as well as leave us alone, please.

Last June, when Depp’s name showed up on the cast list for Beetlejuice 2, unconfirmed reports spread that he would be in the movie. This made fans very excited.

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The Girl From Aquaman Has To Pay The Actor $15 Million In Damages:

The rumors started soon after his defamation battle with Amber Heard, his former spouse, finished. The Aquaman actress paid the actor $15 million within damages for what she said about him in court.

A few months ago, on May 10, in London, the actual start of making the future movie. In the movie, Winona Ryder played Lydia Deetz again, and Jenna played her daughter.

Michael Keaton will also be coming back to play the famous part of Beetlejuice. Other stars, like Filipe Cates as well as Justin Theroux, will also be in the movie, but their roles haven’t been decided yet.

In The Movie, Winona Ryder Will Play Lydia Deetz Again:

Both Ryder as well as Ortega were seen filming wedding scenes in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, at the beginning of July. Cats were also seen on set. Later that month, Jenna was seen within character riding a bicycle down a quiet road in East Corinth, Vermont, while shooting a scene.

Depp, on the other hand, is no longer upon the cast list. In the movie, Winona Ryder will play Lydia Deetz again, and Jenna will play her daughter. Beetlejuice will have Michael Keaton play the lead part once more.

Monica Bellucci will play Beetlejuice’s wife. In 2023, she said that she had begun dating the film’s director, Tim Burton.

In May 2023, Work On The Movie Began:

Other stars, like Filipe Cates as well as Justin Theroux, are expected to be in the upcoming movie. Ryder, Ortega, and Cates have all been seen upon set in the U.K. filming wedding scenes, as reported by Us Weekly. In May 2023, work on the movie began.

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The actress jumped into her part wearing an edgy outfit and black boots with laces. For the movie, pumpkins, hay, as well as leaves were put all over the town to make it look like it was ready for Halloween.

Jenna is known for playing Wednesday Addams during the hit Netflix show Wednesday, where Burton directed four of the eight episodes.

Wednesday Was Nominated For 12 Emmys:

In July, the actress posted on Instagram to praise the show getting 12 Emmy nods, such as Outstanding Lead Actress within a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, as well as Outstanding Directing within a Comedy Series for Burton.

Jenna wrote in the text at the time, “What great news to hear that the Wednesday team has been nominated for twelve Emmys!” This was next to a picture of herself in costume alongside co-star Gwendoline Christie.

She said, “I’ve been so lucky to see firsthand how much time and effort our cast, crew, writers, as well as directors are putting in, and I’m so excited to be ready to share this with them.” She also said she was grateful for the “honor.”