Jimmy Buffett, The Singer For The Band Margaritaville, Died At The Age Of 76


Jimmy Buffett, The Singer For The Band Margaritaville, Died At The Age Of 76:

Jimmy Buffett, a singer-songwriter who made beach bum soft rock famous with the Caribbean-flavored escapism song “Margaritaville” as well as turned that song into a $1 billion business of restaurants, casinos, and frozen drinks, has died. 76 years old.

“Jimmy died peacefully on September 1st night, surrounded through loved ones, music, as well as dogs,” said a message shared late Friday on Buffett’s main website as well as social media pages.

“He spent his life such as a song until his last breath. So many people will miss him more than they can say.” The message failed to clarify where or why Buffett had died.

Jimmy Buffett Moved His Show Date In May Because He Was Sick:

He had to delay shows in May because he was sick, and in social media posts, Buffett said that he was hospitalized yet didn’t say why.

At the time of his death, Buffett was facing Merkel cell skin cancer, according to a new biography on his website. He had the sickness for four years, but he kept working while he was being treated.

After a trip to the Bahamas in May, the singer-songwriter had to stay in the hospital for a short time. In a social media post, he told his fans, “I had to stop within Boston for a checkup, but I ended up back in the hospital to deal with some problems that needed immediate attention.”

Jimmy Buffett Recently Said That He Would Go On A “Fishing Trip Alongside Old Friends”:

Mr. Buffett’s funny, self-deprecating songs about pirates, smugglers, beach bums, as well as barflies brought to mind a world of sun, salt water, as well as nonstop parties, set to the calypso country-rock of his flexible Coral Reefer Band.

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His live shows were full of sing-along songs and happy, tropical imagery. This made him a mainstay upon the summer concert circuit, where he built a group of devoted fans similar to the Deadheads.

A day later, Buffett wrote on his blog that he was about to leave the hospital and thanks his readers for their “outpouring of support and best wishes.”

He didn’t say what was wrong with him, but he did say that when he got out of the hospital, he was going fishing with old friends and swimming and sailing to get back in shape.

Chesney Paid Tribute To His Best Friend Jimmy:

Chesney wrote on Twitter, “So farewell, Jimmy. Thanks for being my friend and giving me songs I’ll always remember. Keep going, sailor. He also posted a video of himself singing “Son of a Son of a Sailor” by Jimmy Buffett on a beach.

“The thief is no longer here. Jimmy Buffett has died. Toby Keith wrote that it had a huge effect upon so many of us. The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson wrote “Love as well as Mercy, Jimmy Buffett.”

Elton John said on Instagram, “Jimmy Buffett had been a special and unique performer. His fans really liked him, and he’d never disappointed them. This is the worst news of all. A nice man who died too soon.”

Buffett was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on Christmas Day, 1946. He grew up in Mobile, Alabama, which is a port city. His website says that when he went to Key West, Florida, he found his voice.

Jimmy Said That “Come Monday” Is The Song That Kept Him From Killing Himself In A Howard Johnson’s In Marin County:

“Come Monday,” from his 1974 record “Living & Dying in 34 Time,” was one of the first songs that got people’s attention. Years later, he tells David Letterman, “This was the song that saved me from killing myself within Howard Johnson’s in Marin County.

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It hit, I paid my rent, and I also got my dog out of the pound. what happened next is history. It was known for the line “I’ve got my hush puppies on I guess I was never meant for glitter rock ‘n’ roll,” which defended his right to go his own easygoing way.

In 1977, he made “Margaritaville” a well-known place. It was his one and only Top 10 song, and it became his trademark. Its first lines, “Nibbling upon sponge cake, observing the sun bake, all the tourists covered alongside oil,” became quickly recognizable.

The chorus, “Wasted away once more within Margaritaville, looking for my lost shaker of salt,” has been part of many singalongs. Some people say it’s because of a woman, but I know it’s because of me.

Jimmy Has Received Two Country Music Association Awards Over The Course Of His Career:

Buffett has a huge group of fans who call themselves “Parrotheads,” after the famous fans of the Grateful Dead, who are called “Deadheads.” “It’s so much fun to look at the crowd,” he said. “I mean, they’re just as entertaining to me that I hope I am to them.”

His fans loved his idea of a life spent within flip-flops and full of beaches, boats, alcohol, and marijuana. “From New Orleans to the Gulf Coast to St. Barts and other places, I can still find magic where most people think it’s gone,” he said.

Forbes said that he was worth about a billion dollars. Buffett was admitted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame within 2006. During his career, he won two Country Music Association awards and was nominated twice for Grammys.

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One Of Jimmy Buffett’s Most Famous Songs Is Called “Escape To Margaritaville”:

The 2018 Broadway show “Escape to Margaritaville,” which was made up of his best-known songs, was one of the few times he made a mistake.

Even the harsh New York Times review pointed out the funny contrast between Buffett’s image as a slacker and his huge success. “Mr. Buffett is the founder and brains behind Margaritaville. He has a wife and kids, and with 5,000 workers, he works nonstop.”

Before He Died, Buffett Was Getting Ready To Release A New Album, And Songs From It Were Being Played Every Week On Radio Margaritaville:

His website says that before he died, Buffett was getting ready to release a new album, and songs from it were being played every week on Radio Margaritaville. He stayed true to his party philosophy until the end, leaving behind a song called “My Gummy Just Kicked In.”

The song “Changes within Latitudes, Changes within Attitudes” was upon the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 22 weeks and reached No. 8 at its highest point.

The song was put into the Grammy Hall of Fame in the year 2016 because of its cultural and historical importance. It also became a standard for karaoke and helped Key West, Florida, become known around the world for its unique sound and as a place to visit.