Joe Biden India Connection: Not only Kamala Harris, who is also Biden’s ‘blood relation’ with India! Read this full story

Joe Biden India Connection: There is a lot of discussion in India about the elected Indian Vice President Kamla Harris being of Indian origin. But one more thing has come to light, that is the connection of elected President Joe Biden to India. Also Read – Awesome Kangana too .. What did Kamala Harris and US President JOE BIDEN have to say…

In fact, in 2013, Biden, who was the then Vice President of the United States, had visited India at that time. During that visit, Biden mentioned a family living in Mumbai. Sir Name Biden is also of that family. He also wrote a letter to that family living in Mumbai in 1972. In that letter it was claimed that both of them could be from the same family. It was said in it that it may happen that a member of his old generation works in East India Company. Significantly, the British India was founded by the East India Company. This company ruled India for almost 100 years (until 1857). After this, the command of the rule over India went into the hands of the Queen of Britain. Also Read – Biden has always been a strong advocate of Indo-US relations, had written to George Bush to remove the restrictions on India

Well, when Biden wrote the letter in 1972, he was only 29 years old and said that he wanted to substantiate this claim. Also Read – When Biden mentioned his ‘relatives’ living in Mumbai, he came to India’s financial capital in 2013

A few years later, Biden claimed in a speech that two brothers of his grandfather, George Biden, his grandfather’s grandfather five generations ago, were captains in the East India Company and settled in India after marrying an Indian woman. Were.

According to a report published in the Times of India, Biden had named two brothers who worked in the East India Company. One was named Christopher Biden and the other was named William Henry Biden. However in the records of East India Company, no record of working of these two as captains has been found so far. However, a Mumbai-based organization has claimed that two persons with Biden’s name were working in the East India Company. It is said in the same report that one of these two brothers Christopher settled in India while the other brother died in Rangoon in 1843. Christopher was settled in Chennai and he was an elite person there.

Christopher also wrote a book in which he has given all the information about the family and his journey. However, all historians are not yet confirming what the elected President of America, Joe Biden, had to do with this family.

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