Joe Jonas Appears To Talk About Sophie Turner’s Divorce At L.A. Show


Joe Jonas Appears To Talk About Sophie Turner’s Divorce At L.A. Show:

Joe Jonas refuses to allow anyone to fall for any internet stories about him while he’s going through his breakup with Sophie Turner.

On September 9, four days after filing for divorce from his wife of four years, Sophie Turner, the singer got a few minutes during the Jonas Brothers’ show at Dodger Stadium within Los Angeles to talk about how he felt.

“It’s endured a crazy week,” Joe said to the crowd, who cheered. Joe wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Aside from a joint statement they shared upon social media, the Jonas Brothers singer hasn’t said much about his break from the former Game of Thrones actress. He filed for divorce last week.

The Artist Talked About The News At The Band’s Show In Los Angeles:

But throughout the band’s show Saturday night at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the singer told a crowd of fans about the news.

“I just want to say, look, don’t believe it if you don’t hear it from these lips,” he said, referring to his lips. OK? Thank you all for caring about myself and my family and helping us out.

The 34-year-old then sang “Hesitate,” the band’s 2019 song that he wrote for Sophie, who is 27.

The song has lines like “Don’t you ever say goodbye/Cross my heart, and you are able to keep, keep mine,” and “Time, time only helps if we work through it now/I promise that we’ll figure this out.”

Joe Asked Sophie To End Their Marriage:

Joe says, “‘Hesitate’ is a song I wrote,” during the 2020 Amazon Prime Video Jonas Brothers performance video Happiness Continues. It reminds me of my promises before I penned them down. Sophie has my word on it.”

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He also said, “For me, it requires me to an entirely new world. Every time I close my eyes, I see her walking down the aisle again.”

Joe asked for a divorce from Sophie, and together he has two girls, Willa and D.J., whose names are written in court paperwork. In his paperwork, the musician called for “shared parental duty” as well as said their kids should have a “parenting plan.”

Jonas’s words come just days after he moved for divorce from Turner. In the papers, he said that “the marriage among the parties was irretrievably broken.”

After Four Years Of Marriage, The Couple Is Getting A Divorce:

They have two kids together and have been married for four years. In 2022, they bought a house in Miami, but they sold it earlier this year.

Turner and Jonas put out a joint message on their social media accounts to make the news public. It said, “After four beautiful years of marriage, we decided to dissolve our marriage amicably.”

Joe additionally asked the court to keep a deal he and Sophie made before they got married. They did this in April 2019, a month before they got married within a surprise ceremony within Las Vegas as well as two months beforehand they got married in a bigger ceremony in France.

Joe And Sophie Said Something In Public. We’ve Decided To End Our Marriage On Good Terms Shortly After Four Lovely Years Of Marriage:

The day after Joe asked for a divorce, he and Sophie put out a joint statement on Instagram that said, “After four wonderful years of a marriage, we have decided to end our marriage in a friendly way.”

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There are many theories about why, but in reality, this is a choice that everyone agrees on, and we hope that everyone will accept our desire for privacy for ourselves and our children.”

The musician is on tour alongside the Jonas Brothers right now. This is the band’s biggest tour to date, alongside over ninety shows planned in 20 different countries. Jonas’s words seemed to refer to the fact that he and the “Game of Thrones” star broke up last week.